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What's happening in BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting and Richard Wee Chambers Form Strategic Cross-Border Alliance

BlackStorm Consulting (BSC) and Richard Wee Chambers (RWC) are delighted to announce a new sustainable strategic alliance as outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) executed on October 27, 2023....

BlackStorm Consulting Thrilled to Partner with Artiselite to Take Digital Transformation Across ASEAN to the Next Level!

BlackStorm Consulting is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Artiselite, a premier provider of digital transformation services. Through this partnership, BlackStorm Consulting will leverage Artiselite’s expertise in software...

BlackStorm Consulting Welcome Mr. Sathis Manoharen, Ex Private Equity Executive, as a Strategic Advisor to the team

We are excited to welcome Mr. Sathis Manoharen as the newest Strategic Advisor to join the BlackStorm Consulting team. Sathis brings with him over 20 years of invaluable experience driving...
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Why Startups Fail

A newsletter covering case studies of startup failures in Southeast Asia

What To Do Before Asking for Funds

“Business journeys are always arduous. Financials should be adequately accounted for and presented fairly and reasonably. With the figures in place, businesses can build credibility to interested parties when it...

The Launch of Premium Case Study 02 – Pirate3D

Pirate3D aspired to be the world’s leading provider of consumer 3D printing solutions by creating a 3D printer that was simple to use and affordable! So, what led to its downfall?...

How to Grow Your Startup

“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd, 1928 The first phase of running a new business can...
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Our consultants penned down their thoughts in selected topics

Avoiding Fundraising Pitfalls

Fundraising is a repeated and often crucial component of a business’s life cycle. Companies need to raise money to develop products, marketing campaigns, scale operations, sometimes just for survival. Many...

How can Companies Add Value through Innovation?

Importance of Innovation Just as Steve Jobs stated, “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Innovation can be defined as new ideas and creative thoughts in the form of...

A Crisis Is Not a Good Reason For Inaction

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently declared the fast spreading COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, warning over ‘alarming levels of inaction’. As such, many countries are adversely affected – community spreading...
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Some resources to help you to scale your business

How to Make Business Decisions Using Financial Statements (Part 1: Introduction of Financial Statements) — Course Highlights

“If you don’t have regular and accurate financial statements, you’re driving your business 100 miles an hour down a one-way street the wrong way, at night, in the fog, without...

How to Cut Cost Course (Identification of Redundant Costs) — Course Highlights

“Real benefits come when managers begin to understand the profound difference between ‘cost cutting’ and ‘eliminating the causes of costs” — Brian L. Joiner While businesses fixate on crafting new...

How to Coach — Course Highlights

“Coaching skills do not happen overnight — it requires lots of practice, observation and learning of new information to get better in coaching. Anyone can be a coach, but to...
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Your EntrePoint

We gathered interviews from entrepreneurs around the world

Woman of Faith: Chiao-Chun Cheng

People may say that work and personal life should be kept separated but not for this lady. She enjoys her work as much as her personal life. Having faith in...

Woman of Innovation: Rima McDonald

Rima McDonald is the founder of Veragano, an Italian luxury fashion brand that started in San Francisco on August 2019. With her dedication, she will share her entrepreneurial journey, from...

Woman of Compassion: Jane Peh

Prior to starting her own business, she was in the advertising and media space for 5 years working as a suit. Jane Peh, Co-Founder of Pawjourr x The Woof Agency...
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Activities that happened in BlackStorm Consulting

Empowering Sustainability: Highlights from the ‘Southbound New Ground’ Forum

The “Southbound New Ground” forum in Taipei showcased insights from speakers across Southeast Asia on key sectors. BlackStorm Consulting’s Mr. Tengku Mubiin presented Malaysia’s sustainable energy journey, emphasizing opportunities for businesses. November...

South Korea’s Incheon National University Visits NTUitive Singapore  

To foster global connections and catalyze innovation, the Incheon National University (INU) from South Korea paid a visit to NTUitive October 11, 2023: The Incheon National University and its affiliates...

Technopreneur X New Market Series by IES-INCA

Mr. Paddy Tan, our Managing Partner was invited to share about “How I Built, Grew and Sold my Software Development Company & Opportunities Growing Your Business in Malaysia A Night...
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