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What's happening in BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting to Scale Numbers Protocol in Southeast Asia

BlackStorm Consulting announces a partnership with Numbers Protocol to promote trust in the digital media world in Southeast Asia through a combination of traditional cryptography approaches and blockchain technology.  Using...
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BlackStorm Consulting Welcomes Adrian Watkins Onboard as an Advisor

BlackStorm Consulting is excited to welcome Adrian Watkins, the growth and marketing expert to join us as an Advisor. Adrian, known as the go-to Business Growth & Transformation expert in...
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BlackStorm Consulting Partners Digital Nomad Labs to Help Businesses Adopt Blockchain Solutions

BlackStorm Consulting and Digital Nomad Labs jointly announced their partnership to provide comprehensive support to businesses in adopting blockchain technologies. In this partnership, BlackStorm Consulting will be focusing on providing...
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Why Startups Fail

A newsletter covering case studies of startup failures in Southeast Asia

The Launch of Premium Case Study 01 — Honestbee

Honestbee aspired to be Asia’s largest online on-demand concierge grocery delivery service and the world’s most convenient services marketplace ever. So, what led to its downfall? In this newsletter, we...
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The Launch of Why Startups Fail – Bi-weekly Newsletter

We all love stories of startup successes — some being true market disruptors, changing the business world along the way. However, the reality is that there are far more failed...
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Our consultants penned down their thoughts in selected topics

What Does It Take To Be A Leader?

A boss at work may seem powerful, with the authority to demand more work, energy, time while holding your job at his fingertips. However, this is a functional title given...
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Importance of Workplace Experience

Attracting the New Workforce As the workforce shifts to the next generation – millennials, the needs and wants that this generation demands from a job has also changed. Passion, work-life...
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Rules of Work You Should Not Ignore as An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is no less than art. The idea behind entrepreneurship is to establish a business organisation with certain objectives. There are no limits on entrepreneurship. You do not necessarily need...
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Some resources to help you to scale your business

How to Solve Problems Effectively — Course Highlights

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein said. Solving the right problem...
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How to Market in Southeast Asia — Course Highlights

According to data from the Asian Development Bank, Southeast Asia grew at a robust 4.8% in 2019 and has been touted as one of the fastest developing regions globally, attracting...
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How to Sell in Southeast Asia — Course Highlights

 “Learning the fundamental differences between cultures and communication ways in Southeast Asia is crucial if you want to do business in this region. Not only it will help you to...
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Your EntrePoint

We gathered interviews from entrepreneurs around the world

Woman of Grit: Yadia Colindres

At the age of 17 in 2009, she immigrated to Taiwan with a scholarship to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She then went on for her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering....
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Woman of Wisdom: Jeslin Bay

From an intern of a company incorporated by the current business partner to a full-time staff to a co-founder and working mother of one now, Jeslin Bay demonstrated strong faith...
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Man of Humility: Tommy Chieng

Tommy Chieng, co-founder and COO of SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) started as an employee in 2010. Over the past few years, working closely with Mr Wong, CEO of SEAGM, he...
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Activities that happened in BlackStorm Consulting

The Future of the Internet and the Infinite Opportunities

IOX Biz Hub had a debut webinar on The Future of the Internet and the Infinite Opportunities The 2-hour session covered the details of the newly formed hub and programmes...
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BlackStorm Consulting Judged NTU Sociopreneur Challenge Finale

Sociopreneur Challenge 2021 organised by Nanyang Technology University in partnership with BlackStorm Consulting and Xprenia has come to an end Experts from BlackStorm Consulting, Xprenia, Armfort, and Student Affairs Office...
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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) — Sociopreneur Campaign Workshop II

This event was hosted by NTU’s Career & Attachment Office (CAO) in partnership with BlackStorm Consulting and Xprenia Armfort was cordially invited to mentor students from National Technological University (NTU)...
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