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What roles can we play?


Not ready to have a full-time Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)? Would love fresh perspectives from someone who have done before? You may hire a team of external CSO with different background on a stealth basis to guide you and your team in this increasingly volatile economy.


Business Building

Do you need a higher level of support from our experts? Buy hours from us instead of having a high commitment in building an internal team to solve the issues you have on hand. Dedicated hours will be allocated to solve your critical issues efficiently and effectively. 


Corporate Advisory

With the accelerating pace of business and the fast advancement of digital disruption, it is almost impossible to have every aspect of your business under your care. Elevate the trust of your stakeholder in your business by having an expert on your board of advisors.

What have we done?

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Our Capabilities

Market Entry & Scaling in Southeast Asia

• Business and partner matching
• Team formation and onboarding support
• Local integration support

Pre-Entry Advisory

• Feasibility assessment
• Target market sizing
• On-the-ground market research
• Identification of opportunities and challenges

Corporate Restructuring

• Identify internal and external challenges
• Restructure the product line, organisation structure, and other resources
• Solidify your position in the market

Cross-Operations Diagnostic

• Identification of operational gaps
• Assessment of management practices
• Operational advisory

Technology Integration

• Solidify your plan by tapping on various frontier technologies*
• Minimise gaps between commercial and technical aspects

*BlackStorm Consulting works closely with business process and technology providers that help you to scale your business without such barriers

Group learning and activities

Our Programmes

Virtual Business Launchpad

Suitable for companies who would like to accelerate their growth with a robust plan.

• Market Entry Edition (Mature Startups & SMEs)
• Market Entry Edition (Early Startups)

Virtual Entrepreneur Launchpad

Suitable for individuals who are just starting out and would want expert guidance on structuring a viable business.

• Be Your Own Boss Edition

Accelerator Sub-Programme

• Business Matching
• Market Entry Training
• Recruitment

Multinational Business Alliance (Southeast Asia - Taiwan)

• Landing in Taiwan from Southeast Asia, and vice versa
• Local marketing, human resource management and fundraising advisory in Taiwan

Singapore - Taiwan - Vietnam

Coming soon

What is Virtual Launchpad Programme?

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What DIY toolkit can you use?

Plan for your business with guides prepared by us.
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Our Learning Resources

Entrepreneurial Digital Courses

Courses are accessible at https://xprenia.com/

Entrepreneurial e-Resources

• Business Sentiments 2020 in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand
• Proven Ways to Help your Business Weather the Storm

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