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A Digital Technology Conglomerate

Bridging Innovation and Opportunity

Client Background

As a global leader in digital technology innovation, our client is pioneering accessible solutions for digital life and finance. It partners with businesses worldwide to provide inclusive, user-friendly digital services that empower consumers and SMEs.

With a vision to build an open, collaborative digital ecosystem, our client introduce cutting-edge technologies to facilitate industry transformation. By enabling seamless digital integration across sectors, it aims to create more connected, convenient experiences for people everywhere.

Category: Digital Technologies 

Company Size: 5001 and more 

Project Year: 2023 

Project Type: Scaling 

Project Market(s): Malaysia and Thailand


To extend its mission of enabling easy access to digital services in the Southeast Asia region, the company targeted Malaysia and Thailand as strategic growth markets. However, generating qualified sales leads in this emerging market required local expertise to identify businesses ready to embrace digital transformation and integrate innovative solutions.


Strategic Business Matchmaking

Leveraging our extensive experience across Southeast Asia markets, our team’s regional knowledge allowed us to identify and engage the most promising prospects for our client’s solutions. We also advised customised strategies for our client to effectively expand their customer reach spotlighting how their offerings could drive growth and enhance efficiencies. Our guidance optimised the success rate of business matchmaking and facilitated vital partnerships for seamless digital transformation in the region.

The Results

Within just 3 months, our strategic approach connected our client with numerous domestic corporations operating in their target industries across Malaysia and Thailand.

By leveraging localised market intelligence and tailored outreach tactics, we facilitated high-value business matchmaking opportunities. The influx of pre-qualified, prospective local partners accelerated our client’s sales pipeline growth. Our informed market facilitation enabled efficient access to the most relevant corporate players ready to capitalise on digital transformation solutions.


  • Accelerated entry into key Southeast Asia markets
  • Rapid pipeline growth by connecting with pre-qualified local corporations
  • Efficient access to high-value business matching opportunities regionally

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