10 月

Data Protection Officer Requirement: What You Need to Know 

A webinar was conducted on what companies needed to know on the Data Protection Officer (DPO) Requirement, which is a mandatory requirement for Singapore-registered companies.  The speakers of the event were Mr Andy Prakash and Mr Dexter Ng, Founder and Chief Technology Officer respectively of Privacy Ninja.   The speakers discussed the roles and responsibilities of a DPO, why it is essential for businesses in Singapore and their experience of combatting business challenges...
9 月

Business in a Time of Crisis – Should Companies Continue to Expand?

A webinar was conducted on whether companies should continue to expand in a time of crisis The speakers of the event were Ms Jeslin Bay and Mr Paddy Tan, Co-Founders of BlackStorm Consulting and Mr Craig Howe, Regional Senior Consultant of NAOS International The speakers discussed about the challenges and opportunities that businesses might face...
8 月

How Do You Get Hardware Start-Ups Off the Ground in Asia?

A webinar was conducted on how to drive hardware start-ups in the Asia to a success The speakers of the event were Ms. Jeslin Bay, Co-Founder of BlackStorm Consulting and Mr. Ray Tai, CEO of Mighty Net The event was cordially organised by Mighty Net, Startup Terrace and BlackStorm Consulting along with event partners such...
6 月

Ecosystem Building – What Does It Take To Build A Robust Ecosystem for your Business?

An online panel discussion moderated by Mr. Lionel Chia, Consultant of BlackStorm Consulting was conducted in Chinese about some entrepreneurs’ experience in ecosystem building, particularly in verticals such as IoT SaaS, Dental, Manufacturing and Event Tech Panelists included Mr. Sonic Wong, Co-Founder of FOX-TECH, Mr. Thomas Tsao, Chief Executive Officer of CEREC Asia, Mr. Frank...
6 月

Southeast Asia Market Sorting Hat

BlackStorm Consulting was invited to a sharing session organised by Center of Industry Accelerator & Patent Strategy (IAPS) on how a start-up can decide on which country to land first in Southeast Asia The event was conducted by our Co-Founder, Mr. Paddy Tan and Ms. Jeslin Bay May 22, 2020: As an emerging hotspot, Southeast...
4 月

Building an Agile Company: Stay Afloat in the Midst of Uncertainty

An online panel discussion on building an agile company in order stay afloat in the midst of uncertainty Covered strategies on how entrepreneurs can adapt when the globalised economy has been disrupted by COVID-19 Panelists included Mr. Low Boon Seong (Founder & Managing Director, Align Group), Mr. Herre Wieger Roelevink (Founder & Director, Manifera Software Development), Mr Paddy Tan (Co-Founder,...
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