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About Us

BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting is a Singapore-based business consultancy firm specialises in corporate strategy and market entry in Southeast Asia. We scale businesses through closing strategic gaps that hinder companies from reaching their potential. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.

“Consulting-As-A-Hybrid Service (CAAHS)” is the term coined by our team, where we strive to provide our clients a whole new level of experience in engaging consultants. We put our clients in control of the hiring of consultancy services, in hybrid manners. Benefitting from the beauty of virtual services and physical execution and creating both tangible and intangible results that fast grow your business. 

We build solid foundation for our clients across multiple layers and areas of business in an undisruptive way.

We revolutionise
the concept of business consultancy
in the volatile era.

We are rebellious and radical in our business thinking. But more importantly, we are determined to wipe off any notion of consultancy being ‘safe’ and ‘conservative’.

  • Premium services and beyond your expectation
  • Not your usual business solutions
  • Engage virtually with executional supports
  • Tap onto the network of experts

Our Network of Experts


Managing Partner

立涵是一位業務與技術戰略師。他具有超過 15 年幫助企業發展的經驗。身爲企業家與投資者的立涵,能夠將各種挑戰分解并以不同的角度制定解決方案。


Managing Partner




鈴楓在營銷領域擁有 10 多年的經驗, 擅長於建設企業品牌和制定准入東南亞市場的策略。 她凴籍專業知識來指導客戶與黑風暴擴展市場。


Managing Partner (Taiwan)


Eddie Lin

Partner (Hong Kong)

Eddie has built multiple Tech businesses and served strategic roles at FinTech & GreenTech startup over the last decade in Hong Kong & Taiwan. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, his experience in a bank also brings risk-thinking into every aspect of a business model. He likes working with incredibly bright people who are also fanatically devoted to solving problems. Great positive impact is what excites him.

Darren Chua

Partner (Taiwan)

Having spent significant time in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Southeast Asia, Darren is a bilingual leader with the ability to work effectively in a multinational environment. He has a background in Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore. A strong advocate of efficiency and nothing excites him more than to lead teams to solve problems elegantly across industries.

Ryan Wong

Partner (Hong Kong)

Ryan has been an entrepreneur for over 7 years with experience in recruitment & business consulting, digital transformation, and FinTech. His experience in a wide variety of industries has led him to be able to adapt to any kind of situation and environment. He is always keen on exploring, learning new things and nothing excites him more than a new challenge.

Adrian Watkins


Adrian is ‘the’ Business Growth & Transformation Guy in APAC. A full-service digital sales and marketing veteran with a focus on strategy, innovation, transformation and product and revenue across blue-chip companies and SMEs and in different continents, he specialises in leading/advising cross-functional teams, creating and executing strategic plans, building effective sales and marketing strategies and teams, and forging partnerships.

Karl Baldry


Karl has contributed to the set-up, growth, profitability and success of global organisations in EMEA, APAC and the Caribbean, within the Telecoms, Wi-Fi , Consumer Electronics, Digital Media, Loyalty and Marketing Automation fields.  Karl is a Business Development, Commercial and Sales professional, who promotes best practices and value creation in channel development, relationship management, strategy development, operations management, strategic partnerships, and leadership in multi-cultural organisations.

Leong Joon Teng


Leong is a dynamic and versatile business strategist with vast business development experience in the private and public sector. His work experience covers industry such as IT, Electrical & Electronics, Telco, Construction. He also has experience managing and deploying several public sector projects.

Amy Bae

Partner (Korea)

Amy is an experienced business enabler who specializes in connecting Korean companies to markets and organizations in Southeast Asia. She has worked with over 40 Korean organizations and companies over the past decade, and has created extensive opportunities in cross border collaborations, business networking, and organizational learning and benchmarking. ​

Radical business solution

Focused on your challenges, our innovative business solutions will help you bring change through creative thinking, delivering new ideas and practical approaches to today’s challenges.

A Team Of Professionals.

Our network of experts are dedicated to providing you with a range of service options, allowing you to find the right solution for your company.

A hybrid manner.

Consulting-as-a-Hybrid-Service (CAAHS) is designed to help you fast grow your business and execute your vision, by combining virtual and physical opportunities of multi-layers of consulting services.

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