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A Government-Led Innovation Drive

Innovating Smart Energy Across Borders

Client Background

As a government-backed institute, our client is dedicated to bolstering the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s services sector. Spearheading initiatives including Wow! Taiwan project, the institute aims to foster innovative service offerings and knowledge-sharing to elevate Taiwan’s economy. As markets evolve, our client plays a crucial role in guiding local companies’ expansion abroad.

Category: National Research Institute

Company Size: 201-500

Project Year: 2023 

Project Type: Green Consultancy, Corporate Innovation

Project Market(s): Singapore and Malaysia


To extend Taiwan’s smart energy capabilities into high-growth Southeast Asian markets, the institute sought an experienced partner. They required localised expertise to identify prime regional opportunities, prepare companies for cross-border scaling, and facilitate business matches with local players in Singapore and Malaysia.


Multi-Phase Strategy

  • Conducted in-depth analysis to shortlist 30 high-potential smart energy SMEs ready to expand abroad
  • Built a dedicated website showcasing these SMEs’ innovative solutions to streamline business matching
  • Arranged immersive ecosystem tours in Singapore and Malaysia for participating companies to explore business opportunities
  • Provided strategic guidance and mentor support on market entry tactics
  • Facilitated direct connections between SMEs and prospective local partners, buyers and experts

The Results

Within 6 months, we empowered 30 Taiwanese smart energy and services companies to expand regionally into Singapore and Malaysia by facilitating connections with potential local partners, fostering collaborative in-person and virtual meetings exceeding 80 in total, and orchestrating a three-day immersive trip to connect them directly with key Malaysian government agencies.

Additionally, through a targeted engagement campaign, we attracted local players for one-on-one sessions with the participating Taiwanese firms, ultimately unlocking new revenue streams for them in the market.


  • Facilitated direct business matches with local players through dedicated website and private arrangements
  • Provided immersive education on Singapore and Malaysia ecosystems
  • Delivered strategic guidance for seamless cross-border scaling

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