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A Startup Support Platform

Nurturing Innovation Ecosystems

Client Background

Our client is a comprehensive and digitally integrated platform comprised of five multi-tier accelerators designed to support startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators at various stages of their growth journey.

This ecosystem complex houses innovative digital solutions for talents and businesses of all levels, developed to navigate and overcome any challenge in the most efficient manner possible.

Category: Digital Technologies 

Company Size: 11 – 50

Project Year: 2022 – 2023 

Project Type: Process Consultancy, Corporate Innovation

Project Market(s): Malaysia 


To establish a thriving and sustainable ecosystem that fosters innovation and supports the growth of startups, our client required a strategic approach. This involved structuring activities, building partnerships, guiding operations, and providing venture-building support to scale startups within the ecosystem effectively.


Operation Guidance and Venture Building Support

  • Advised the management team and strategised activities to build a robust ecosystem
  • Structured activities and programs to assist in fostering a vibrant ecosystem, encompassing various levels of support for startups and innovators.
  • Introduced partners and relevant stakeholders to the ecosystem, facilitating collaborations and knowledge sharing among ecosystem participants
  • Provided advisory services on procedures and best practices for efficiently managing and scaling the ecosystem

The Results

Our client successfully launched two pre-accelerator programs and multiple startup ecosystem-related events. A total of more than 100 startups were impacted within the ecosystem during that period of time. Our role as a program advisor from the inception phase enabled us to contribute to developing and refining the ecosystem’s programs and activities.


  • Facilitated the establishment of a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for startups and innovators
  • Introduced international ecosystem partners, fostering global connections and knowledge exchange
  • Introduced international ecosystem partners, fostering global connections and knowledge exchange

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