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An Electronic Appliance Manufacturer

Navigating Market Shifts

Client Background

Established in the 70s, our client is a Thailand-based company initially focused on distributing Japanese-branded appliances. Over time, it expanded its operations to include producing and selling electrical appliances globally, leveraging partnerships and technology from renowned corporations.

Category: Electrical Appliances Manufacturer

Company Size: 1001 – 5000 

Project Year: 2017

Project Type: Corporate Innovation

Project Market(s): Thailand


The company faced multifaceted challenges to address the cancellation of a longstanding dealership with a major corporation due to an acquisition. It had to grapple with the abrupt loss of a significant revenue stream, necessitating swift and effective measures to mitigate financial impact. Simultaneously, amidst a generational transition, the company encountered additional complexity in its strategic decision-making process.


New Business Direction & Diversified Revenue Stream

  • Actively involved key management team members to identify driving forces and ensure alignment with the new business direction
  • Advised on making necessary adjustments in the core business direction to mitigate revenue loss and capitalise on emerging market opportunities
  • Defined opportunities in the market and aligned them with existing assets and capabilities
  • Conducted workshops to ensure smooth implementation of suggestions and strategies

The Results

Our client successfully adjusted their business direction. This facilitated cohesion and synergy within the organisation. They also bolstered market resilience through diversifying revenue streams and strengthening their market position. Additionally, management capability was significantly enhanced, fostering leadership and innovation.


  • Successfully diversifying revenue streams, reducing dependency on a single dealership
  • Aligning the business direction with emerging market opportunities, leveraging existing assets for growth
  • Facilitating a smooth transition, ensuring effective implementation of strategies for future success

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