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What's happening in BlackStorm Consulting

Why Startups Fail

A newsletter covering case studies of startup failures in Southeast Asia


Our consultants penned down their thoughts in selected topics

BlackStorm Consulting Co-Founder Paddy Tan on Business Transformation

Business transformation can vary from companies to companies. Some may view it as a major disruption to the business while others think that this is a passing phase that the...
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Business Lifecycle - The Financials

Living in the digital age, many ideas are spawned through the integration of knowledge and technology. As such, an overwhelming trend is ongoing whereby companies are initiated and seeking funds...
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Women in the Economy — How Far We Came and Where We Are Going

March is the month of International’s Women’s Day. The day takes place every year to commemorate the countless achievements of women around the world. It is the month of celebrating...
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Some resources to help you to scale your business

Your EntrePoint

We gathered interviews from entrepreneurs around the world


Activities that happened in BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting Visiting ITRI

(From left to right) Dr. Kuo-Chung Huang (ITRI), Yi-Wen Chen (ITRI), Ryan Huang (ITRI), Jeslin Bay (BlackStorm Consulting), Harvey Ma (BlackStorm Consulting Taiwan) and Paddy Tan (BlackStorm Consulting) BlackStorm Consulting...
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ITRI visiting Singapore

(From left to right) Paddy Tan (BlackStorm Consulting), Dr. Kuo-Chung Huang (ITRI), Don Baey (Pollinate), Jeslin Bay and Lionel Chia (BlackStorm Consulting) ITRI representative from Taiwan visited Singapore last week...
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Doing Business in Singapore

This webinar provided insights when entering Singapore market It covered the demographics, culture and landscapes when doing business in Singapore Setting up an entity, fundraising and innovation landscapes were also...
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