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A Renowned Institution in South Korea

Immersing in Singapore's Startup Scene

Client Background

A prestigious university in South Korea, has persevered through the waves of modern history, leading the country’s industrialization, democratization, and informatization eras.

With a rich legacy and commitment to excellence, the institution sought to broaden its students’ horizons by exposing them to the vibrant startup ecosystem and business culture of Singapore.

Category: Education Program

Company Size: 1001 – 5000

Project Year: 2023 

Project Type: 企業創新

Project Market(s): 新加坡 


To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of Singapore’s startup ecosystem and business culture among its students, the university faced the challenge of careful planning, coordination with local partners, and the creation of immersive experiences that would expose students to the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape in Singapore.


Cross-Cultural Immersion

  • Developed a well-structured program tailored to introduce the university’s students to the unique business environment and startup culture in Singapore
  • Facilitated meetings and arranged networking opportunities between students and local startups, fostering knowledge exchange and industry connections
  • Organised comprehensive workshops, seminars, and e-resources to provide in-depth insights into Singapore’s startup ecosystem

The Results

Through this immersive program, the university’s students gained first-hand exposure to Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem and business culture, fostering a deeper appreciation for entrepreneurship and global perspectives.


  • Facilitated cross-cultural exchange and knowledge sharing
  • Provided valuable networking opportunities with local startups
  • Broadened students' understanding of global business environments

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