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Yonsei University Visits Singapore 

  • Yonsei University students gained a deeper understanding of Singapore’s startup ecosystem and business culture 

November 6, 2022: BlackStorm Consulting had the privilege of helping Yonsei University students gain a deeper understanding of Singapore’s startup ecosystem and business culture.   

Figure: A startup was presenting their solution  

As part of this effort, Yonsei students and startups had the opportunity to visit and exchange knowledge with other innovative startups and technologists at NTUitive. During their visit to NTUitive, Yonsei students and startups had the opportunity to showcase their business ideas and exchange technical information with the technologists at NTUitive. This exchange of knowledge allowed them to gain new insights into emerging technologies and how they can be leveraged to support their business concepts. 

Additionally, by connecting with other startups and technologists in the community, they were able to build valuable relationships and expand their network within the startup ecosystem. Overall, this visit provided Yonsei students with the opportunity to learn and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and technologists and gain valuable knowledge and expertise in the process.  

Figure: Yonsei University visited VE Capital Asia  

During their visit to VE Capital Asia, the students were able to understand how VE Capital Asia empowers businesses with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the digital age, providing innovative solutions and support to help them stay ahead of the curve. Yonsei University students were able to speak with investors and experienced entrepreneurs and understand the investors’ perspectives on emerging trends and opportunities in the market.

This interaction gave them invaluable knowledge that will help them to better understand the market and make informed business decisions in the future. By gaining insights into the investor’s mindset and understanding the trends shaping the industry, Yonsei students were able to better position themselves and their business ideas for future success.  

Figure: Yonsei University visited BLOCK71 

Figure: Invigilo, a resident startup based at BLOCK71 shared about his startup and experience in this ecosystem 

The Yonsei graduates also had the opportunity to learn more about the startup ecosystem in One-North via BLOCK71 at NUS Enterprise. They have learnt about the supportive startup ecosystem in One-North. Besides, they were able to understand the resources available to startups, including funding and mentorship programs.  

Figure: The panel speakers were sharing about starting and scaling businesses  

Furthermore, a panel discussion was held during the event for Mr. Mohandass Kalaichelvan, CEO of Spenmo, Mr. Alvin Chiang, Manager of Action Community for Entrepreneurship, and Mr. Paddy Tan, Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting. The panellist shared their personal experiences and challenges they faced while starting and scaling their businesses. This provided valuable insights to the Yonsei University students, helping them understand the practical challenges of entrepreneurship and how to overcome them.

The panel discussion also allowed for an open dialogue where the students and employees could ask questions and seek advice on specific challenges they were facing. This exchange of ideas and experiences was beneficial for all participants, creating an atmosphere of learning and collaboration. The event was successfully hosted by StarkMedia and facilitated by BlackStorm Consulting.  

Figure: Yonsei University visited StarkMedia 

BlackStorm Consulting is proud to have played a role in facilitating this exchange of knowledge and bringing increasing interest in scaling businesses in Southeast Asia. We believe that collaborations such as these are essential to building a strong and vibrant startup ecosystem in the region. 

About BlackStorm Consulting 

BlackStorm Consulting (http://blackstormco.asia) is a Singapore-based boutique growth consultancy firm specialising in corporate strategy, profit management and investment management. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium-sized businesses to MNCs to government agencies. 

About StarkMedia 

Stark Media (https://starkmedia.group) is a versatile creative media agency, providing services from ad management to graphic design. They run “Our Journey Our Stories,” a platform spotlighting professionals’ challenges to inspire viewers. Stark Media’s monthly talk show, The Journey Point, connects people with shared interests, fostering a vibrant community. 

About NTUitive 

NTUitive (https://www.ntuitive.sg/), the Innovation and Enterprise arm of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), fosters a thriving entrepreneurial environment. As NTU’s wholly-owned subsidiary, NTUitive manages intellectual property, encourages innovation, aids entrepreneurship, and facilitates research commercialization. They actively seek enterprising individuals, enabling the translation of ideas into reality within a vibrant ecosystem. 

About VE Capital Asia 

VE Technology Group (https://vetechnologygroup.com/) is a premier technology and business growth partner, specializing in acquiring and operating a network of B2B enabling technologies. VE Capital Asia empowers SMBs and enterprises regionally, emphasizing speed, sustainability, and the ability to leverage synergies for cost and revenue optimization within their portfolio.