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Sahmyook University’s Visit to Singapore

Sahmyook University, one of the leading universities in Seoul, South Korea, embarked on an educational journey to Singapore with a delegation. The team, comprises enthusiastic students majoring in Software Addiction/Rehab, Public Health Big Data, and Software Addiction Psychology, was accompanied by a seasoned professor from the university and a distinguished leader from the Korea Productivity Center. Korea Productivity Center is a public institution in South Korea. The university is famous for Addiction Psychology, and they have co-training programmes with Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health.

The primary focus of the visit was to explore:

  • The dynamic MedTech and HealthTech landscape in Singapore
  • Case studies of some medical AI solutions
  • Cross-border expansion sharing
  • Power of AI in mental wellness
  • Business operation in the mental health market.

Figure: Group picture of the participants from Sahmyook University and Access 2 Healthcare.

Figure: Mr Ee Bin Liew, the Group Executive Director of Access-2-Healthcare, giving a presentation regarding MedTech Commercialisation to the participants. 

18th July 2023: The first day of the event began with a warm welcome to the Sahmyook University group, setting the tone for an enriching day ahead. The introductory session was given by Ee Bin Liew from Access-2-Healthcare SG to share an insightful glimpse into Singapore’s thriving HealthTech ecosystem. Participants were presented with an overview of Singapore’s healthcare system and the commercialisation of MedTech in the nation.

The heart of the day’s agenda lay in the presentation of real-life case studies, providing the students with an incredible opportunity to understand the transformative power of AI in the medical domain and to delve into the cutting-edge healthcare scene in Singapore. These case studies illustrated the potential of AI to revolutionise healthcare, providing a better outcome for patients.

The day ended with an interactive discussion as participants actively engaged in cross-border exchange of ideas. The session fostered expansion strategies while gaining exposure and insights into healthcare markets of other regions.

Figure: A representative from Zoala, sharing meaningful insights regarding the mental health industry to the audience.

Figure: MoU signing between Sahmyook University and Zoala.

19th July 2023: The second day of the event witnessed a deep dive into the world of Zoala, an innovative startup at the forefront of Singapore’s mental health sector. Participants learned about the journey of Zoala, from having a vision to its current position in the market.

The introduction to Zoala provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s visionary mission to build resilience in adolescents through their innovative AI companion. Students learned how the startup is passionately dedicated to revolutionizing mental healthcare and addressing critical mental health challenges prevalent in society today.

Zoala shared their inspirational footsteps of how the business idea for mental health solutions came to fruition. The highlight of the day revolved around the key methodologies and technologies that empowered Zoala’s impact in the mental health market and beyond.


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About Access-2-Healthcare

Access-2-Healthcare(https://www.access2hc.com/ ) is a forward-thinking healthcare startup headquartered in Singapore, dedicated to transforming healthcare accessibility and affordability for communities worldwide. Comprising a diverse team of healthcare experts and technology enthusiasts, Access-2-Healthcare aims to bridge the gap between healthcare services and those in need.


About Zoala

Zoala (https://www.zoala.co/ ) is a pioneering startup based in Singapore, driven by a mission to revolutionize mental healthcare and improve the well-being of individuals worldwide. Founded by a passionate team of experts in psychology and technology, Zoala leverages cutting-edge AI and digital solutions to address critical mental health challenges prevalent in today’s society.