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Cultivating Innovation: Agritech Insights Shared at MAHA 2022 

  • MAHA 2022 provided a fertile ground for exchanging cutting-edge Agritech solutions. This event showcased groundbreaking innovations and served as a testament to collaborative efforts in advancing Malaysia’s agricultural landscape.

August 11, 2023: The opportunity to participate in MAHA 2022 was made possible by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Their vision and support enabled a platform where Agritech innovators could shine.

The event became a hub of knowledge, where ideas blossomed and partnerships germinated. Gratitude was palpable in the air for the doors MDEC opened and the avenues they created for the Agritech community.

Seeds of Innovation Sown at MAHA 

Ms. Lucille Tee, a representative from BlackStorm Consulting shared about Agritech solutions from Taiwan and Malaysia at MAHA 2022. It was more than just a presentation; it was planting seeds. Seeds that, when nurtured, will grow into technological marvels, transforming agriculture in Malaysia

It was a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and the collective dream of a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for agriculture. 

Figure: Sharing about BeeHive, a Taiwan-based startup that helps farmers implement smart agriculture solutions using information and communication technologies 

Figure: Sharing about ABI Resources, a Malaysia-based startup, a smart ICT provider for Agriculture sector 

Figure: Sharing about RedEye BMI, a Taiwan-based startup that uses optical detection techniques for fields such as Smart Health, Food Safety and Environment Protection.  

Figure: Sharing about Agromeans, a Taiwan-based startup that provides AIOT solutions for farmers in all different industries pertaining to agriculture 

Figure: Sharing about Locus Connect, a Taiwan-based startp that provides real-time location system to transform business operations   

Wrap Up 

As the event concluded, attendees left with more than just insights. They carried a sense of inspiration, the promise of future collaborations, and a shared vision of a greener, more technologically advanced Malaysia. The event was not just a moment in time but a milestone in the journey toward a future where Agritech solutions flourish, farmers thrive, and the nation’s agricultural sector blossoms.

Figure: (Left to Right) Ms Lucille Tee and Ms Jeslin Bay at the event  

About BlackStorm Consulting   

BlackStorm Consulting (http://blackstormco.asia) is a Singapore-based boutique growth consultancy firm specialising in corporate strategy, profit management, and investment management. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium-sized businesses to MNCs to government agencies.

About Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) 

Established in 1996 under the Ministry of Communications and Digital, MDEC (https://mdec.my/) is a government agency spearheading Malaysia’s digital economy. MDEC has catalyzed nationwide digital transformation and growth through initiatives like MSC Malaysia. With a focus on providing enhanced incentives and governance to encourage growth and reinvestment, MDEC aims to strengthen Malaysia’s position as the digital hub of ASEAN. This effort aims to open new opportunities and foster shared prosperity for all Malaysians.