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A Telecom Data Intelligence Provider

Data-Driven Disruption

Client Background

Our client is a business intelligence solution provider that handles high-throughput, accurate data-capturing networks, mainly for clients in the telecommunications industry. It is a spin-off from a public company in Australia, which we had restructured two years prior.

Category: Big Data Analytical Platform

Company Size: Less than 20

Project Year: 2020 

Project Type: Scaling 

Project Market(s): Thailand, Taiwan


As a spin-off company with a powerful data analytics platform, our client needed to establish a solid business structure and a strategic go-to-market plan to expand into key Asian markets, including Thailand, and Taiwan. Additionally, they required assistance in restructuring their sales materials for fundraising, sales, and partnership discussions, as well as support in building their brand and visibility in these foreign markets.


Corporate Restructuring & Market Entry Strategy

  • Strategised the go-to-market plan for selected Asian countries (Thailand, Taiwan)
  • Engaged potential partners in local partnership formation
  • Restructured the sales materials for fundraising, sales, and partnership discussions
  • Marketed and branded the leaders in foreign markets through a series of marketing activities and provided digital marketing support

The Results

To establish our client’s presence and credibility in Thailand and Taiwan, we facilitated their participation in two high-profile interviews and two co-organised events. The interviews exposed a combined audience of over 7 million viewers across digital and traditional media platforms. The events in Thailand and Taiwan gathered investors, potential partners, and industry stakeholders. We collaborated with reputable organisations like True Digital Park, Formosa TV News, Taiwan Tech Arena, and IAPS, featuring guest speakers and facilitating discussions to position our client as a thought leader in data analytics.


  • Established thought leadership and brand visibility in Thailand and Taiwan
  • Identified potential partners and investors for future collaborations
  • Refined sales materials and go-to-market strategies based on feedback

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