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What's happening in BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting Partners Red Building Capital to Maximise Portfolio Companies’ Potential in Southeast Asia

December 16, 2019: Red Building Capital and BlackStorm Consulting announced their partnership with the objective of collaboratively maximising the potential of Red Building Capital’s portfolio companies in the blockchain and...
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BlackStorm Consulting Partners G Camp to Internationalise Taiwanese Companies in Southeast Asia

October 14, 2019: G Camp, a project by Institute of Information Industry (III), and BlackStorm Consulting announced their cooperation to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese companies in the international playing...
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Why Startups Fail

A newsletter covering case studies of startup failures in Southeast Asia


Our consultants penned down their thoughts in selected topics

Finding a Local Partner in Southeast Asia (SEA)

Is a Local Partner Necessary? Southeast Asia (SEA) has been in the eyes of many businesses for a long time. With the countries opening their markets and prioritising economic goals,...
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FinTech and Banks: Collaboration or Competition?

With the rapid growth and advancement of technology, it has led to the advent of a new digital era. Technology is becoming a mainstay, increasing efficiency, reducing need for labour...
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What Entrepreneurs Need to Do After an Accelerator Programme

After accelerating with the help of experts and securing funds. You and some other entrepreneurs are often eager to jump straight into the market, feeling that success is within reach....
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Some resources to help you to scale your business

Your EntrePoint

We gathered interviews from entrepreneurs around the world


Activities that happened in BlackStorm Consulting

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) — Sociopreneur Campaign Workshop II

This event was hosted by NTU’s Career & Attachment Office (CAO) in partnership with BlackStorm Consulting and Xprenia Armfort was cordially invited to mentor students from National Technological University (NTU)...
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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) — Sociopreneur Campaign Workshop I

Nanyang Technological University, Career & Attachment Office (CAO) hosted a new initiative — Sociopreneur Campaign for NTU students The speakers of the workshop were Ms  Rebecca Wan, Co-Founder of Xprenia, Ms...
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Data Protection Officer Requirement: What You Need to Know 

A webinar was conducted on what companies needed to know on the Data Protection Officer (DPO) Requirement, which is a mandatory requirement for Singapore-registered companies.  The speakers of the event were Mr Andy Prakash and Mr Dexter Ng, Founder and Chief...
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