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HYPE GVA Taiwan’s 10th Cycle Demo Day: Igniting the Fusion of Sports, Technology, and Innovation

  • HYPE GVA Taiwan celebrated its 10th Cycle Demo Day, bringing together sports, technology, and innovation. Over ten sports tech startups presented their achievements, fostering international partnerships and unveiling innovative products

August 11, 2023: In an electrifying gathering that blended the realms of sports, technology, and innovation, HYPE GVA Taiwan marked a significant milestone with its 10th Cycle Demo Day.

With the spotlight on over 10 cutting-edge sports technology startups, the event showcased the culmination of their intensive cultivation journey. The stage was set for face-to-face interactions, international partnerships, and the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations.

The Demo Day witnessed the convergence of international partners, with HYPE Sports Innovation from Israel leading the charge. HYPE Sports Innovation fostered a global outlook and international relations within the dynamic Taiwanese landscape by engaging in direct exchanges with the startups.

Diverse Origins, United by Innovation: Startup Showcase

The event featured startups from diverse regions, including the United Kingdom, India, Thailand, Turkey, and Taiwan. Their offerings spanned a wide spectrum of sports innovation technology, ranging from immersive VR sports experiences to AI-driven training solutions, revolutionary nutrition products, and inventive sports equipment rental platforms.

These startups unveiled their robust business potential in an afternoon of high-energy presentations. After three months of rigorous training, they were primed to pitch their products and services in the highly anticipated Demo Day pitch competition.

Highlights from the HYPE GVA TW 10th Cycle Event

The crowd was welcomed by Dr. Shun-Hua Wei, Vice President of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and Ms. Maggie Hsu, Director of Sports Administration, MOE

Figure: Dr. Shun-Hua Wei, Vice President of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University was giving opening remarks 

Figure: Ms. Maggie Hsu, Director of Sports Administration, MOE was giving welcome remarks

One of the early highlights of the event was the MOU Signing Ceremony, which marked a significant moment of collaboration between BlackStorm Consulting and IAPS, as well as between BEYOND4 and IAPS. These alliances promise to drive innovation beyond the boundaries of convention.

Figure: Dr. Shun-Hua Wei, Dr. Michael Lin, Mr. Rubaneswaran S T, Dr. Hank Huang, Ms. Jeslin Bay, and Ms Maggie Hsu (left to right) 

The event continued with a dynamic panel discussion featuring Dr. Hank Huang, the Managing Director of IAPS, Mr. Rubaneswaran S T from BEYOND4, Ms. Jeslin Bay from BlackStorm Consulting, and Ms. Sarah Jane Fabito from QBO Innovation Hub. Dr. Huang’s insights illuminated the potential of sports technology to revolutionise various aspects of the industry, from performance enhancement to fan engagement.

Figure: Dr. Hank Huang, Mr. Rubaneswaran S T, Ms. Jeslin Bay, and Ms. Sarah Jane Fabito (left to right) 

The excitement escalated with the Global Demo Show, where a roster of global startups from HYPE GVA TW’s alumni, CRESTDiving, ness,  as well as Vibefam brought by BlackStorm Consulting and Fokuz.gk brought by BEYOND4 pitched at a Global Demo Show. These startups demonstrated how they are pushing the envelope in sports technology, ushering in a new era of possibilities.

Figure: Vibefam, Fokuz.gk, CREST and ness (left to right) 

The afternoon session commenced with a fascinating booth tour focusing on Sports Tech startups. Attendees had the chance to explore cutting-edge technologies poised to redefine how sports are experienced and enjoyed.

Amidst networking and discussions during lunch, the event transitioned to engaging sessions. The HYPE GVA TW 10th Cycle Pitch Competition showcased a lineup of promising startups, each vying for the top honors.

A keynote speech by Mr. Zvika Popper, COO of HYPE Sports Innovation, added depth to the event’s discourse. Mr. Popper’s insights provided a holistic perspective on sports innovation’s current state and future trajectory.

Figure: Mr. Zvika Popper was giving a keynote speech 

A panel discussion by Mr. Volker Heistermann, Managing Director of Mosaic Venture Lab, explored crucial themes in the sports technology ecosystem. The discussion underscored technology’s pivotal role in shaping athlete performance, fan engagement, and the overall sports experience.

Figure: Mr. Volker Heistermann, Mr. Jay Hung, Mr. Sheng K Wu, and Mr. Daniel Hill (left to right)

Rewarding and Recognizing Excellence 

  • Best Mentor Award

The HYPE GVA TW Alumni Award Ceremony recognised individuals and teams who have excelled in sports technology. Notably, Mr. Harvey Ma, Founder and Managing Partner of Aedge Ventures, as well as Managing Partner of BlackStorm Taiwan was acknowledged with the Best Mentor Award for his invaluable contributions to the ecosystem.

Figure: Mr. Harvey Ma receiving the Best Mentor Award

  • Sports Administration Award

Ms. Maggie Hsu, Director of Sports Administration at MOE, revealed the recipients of the Sports Administration Award. The award was bestowed upon Naked and Fuinique VR Studio for their exceptional contributions to shaping a more holistic and immersive sports experience.

Figure: Team NAKED (left), Team Funique VR Studio (right)

  • IAPS Award

Dr. Michael Lin, CEO of IAPS, announced the prestigious IAPS Award winners. One Hundred Group and AIFITSports Tech, secured this recognition for their pioneering efforts in blending sports, media, and technology and simplifying weight training through AI integration.

Figure: Team One Hundred Group (left), Team AIFITSports Tech (right)

  • HYPE Award

Dr. Zvika Popper, CEO of HYPE Sports Innovation, concluded the event by announcing the HYPE Award winners. Pajo and Fantopy were celebrated for their groundbreaking contributions to creating a sports social platform and leveraging blockchain technology for fantasy sports, respectively.

Figure: Team Pajo (left), Team Fantopy (right)

Figure: Dr. Michael Lin was giving an epilogue to end the great afternoon

Key Takeaways

The event left an indelible mark, reinforcing the belief that technology is propelling the sports industry into a future filled with endless possibilities.