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How to Advance your Business through Innovation and Digital Transformation

  • This event is a follow-up on the partnership between BlackStorm Consulting and Beyond4 to expand both parties’ local and regional presence in support of the startup ecosystem in Malaysia
  • Insights were given by international speakers on how to maintain competitive edge by leveraging digital trends

April 7, 2022: BlackStorm Consulting and Beyond4 jointly hosted and organised an event to assist startups and talents from Beyond4’s accelerator to grow and scale businesses within the region and globally. This event revolved around how businesses can leverage innovation and digital technologies to drive growth. 

Figure: Event was conducted physically in Menara HLX, Kuala Lumpur and virtually via Zoom

With change being the only constant concept in the world, the 21st century is truly evolving at a rate that the world has never seen before. For a business to remain sustainable, embracing innovation and digital technologies is a must. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly forced the global markets to embrace the digitization of their products and services. From this pandemic, we saw that businesses that failed to jump on the bandwagon were left behind and fell into obscurity or failed as a business altogether. 

This event aims to give insights from international speakers on how to maintain a competitive edge where startups and SMEs alike can learn how to leverage digital trends to accelerate growth.

Key technology sponsor was Zoho. Marketing Manager, Khoo Chia Ching also presented on how businesses can embrace the future of technology through using its unified software suite.

During the event, Jeslin and Paddy, Managing Partners of BlackStorm Consulting shared the 3 open innovation models that focus on the open innovation model that drives corporate innovation.

Corporate Venture Capital

 This model focuses on how larger corporations inject funding into mostly R&D startups in exchange for equity. This is a win-win strategy for both the corporation and the startup as it allows both parties to develop cutting edge-technology whilst at the same time driving innovation and growth for both parties.

Corporate Accelerator

This model showcases how large corporations can leverage their resources to build an in-house accelerator for startups to join where the corporation can provide mentorship, industry-specific networking events and more resources in exchange for equity.

Corporate Venture Building

This model is where a corporate establishes an independent, separate entity that serves as a hub for external innovation. It usually involves the corporation setting up its startup to build complementary products and services for the parent corporation.

The event was concluded with a networking session where the startups and SMEs who attended the session were able to ask the panelists questions regarding how to leverage digital trends to drive growth. Furthermore, it was an excellent opportunity for these high-growth startups to network with each other to drive high-potential partnership deals that are mutually beneficial to one another.

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