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An online panel discussion on how businesses should respond to the COVID-19 crisis Covers the strategies top management of SMEs in APAC have for the season Panelists included Mr. Tommy Chieng (Co-Founder & COO, SEA Gamer Mall), Ms. Yadia Colindres (Co-Founder & COO, Fox-Tech Co.), Mr. Ivan Li (Co-Founder & CEO, Red Building Capital), Mr....
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This brief report will outline the impacts on the economies and capital markets, as well as the actions to be taken and outlook of the event happening – novel coronavirus. Recently, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the major outbreak of a novel coronavirus (better known as Wuhan virus) as global emergency. This pandemic...
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Investments are often seen as an important milestone for many businesses. It shows the confidence investors have in the businesses built, offering a monetised exit (even if partial) to the current shareholders. Investments are also crucial for businesses that need huge amounts of cash, whether it is to sustain the business or scale. The investment...
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(From left to right) Emmanuelle Norchet, Peter Huynh, Shannon Kalayanamitr, Michael Blakey and Jeslin Bay The panel discussion provided insights on strategic investment from both the perspective of the investors as well as the start-ups The advantages and detriments of a strategic investment were discussed and further guidance was given on how to choose the...
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Our Co-founder, Mr. Paddy Tan sharing his thoughts April 29, 2019: BlackStorm Consulting was privileged to attend the event “Asian Uprising: Advanced & Innovative Strategy in Asia” held on 29 April 2019 and organised by Middlemarch Capital. Many media partners and individuals from diverse backgrounds had attended this distinguished event. Our co-founder, Mr. Paddy Tan...
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