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How to Scale Your Business

Our Co-Founder, Shelby Tee giving an introduction

  • WEConnect International’s first supplier diversity forum in Singapore
  • Our Co-Founder, 鄭詩蕙 was invited to share about scaling business

May 22, 2019: BlackStorm Consulting was privileged to attend the event “Session For Women-Owned Business” held on May 22, 2019, and organised by WEConnect International. WEConnect International is a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world. Our Co-Founder. Shelby Tee was cordially invited as a speaker to give a presentation for the event.

“Session for Women-Owned Business” is a day-long event that provided entrepreneurial women with greater knowledge of the current working environment as well as tips on how to start a good business, which was done through a series of talks and panel discussions. This provided a good avenue for the founders of growth-oriented women-owned businesses to resolve their queries and have greater confidence in their company. This event was a good avenue to allow for face-to-face interactions with potential women-owned suppliers and partnerships. The event started out with talks ranging from how to plan well for success in a business, how to scale businesses to business tools that can aid the business.  The event ended with a panel discussion on how to unleash the true potential of women’s entrepreneurship.

Our Co-Founder, Shelby introducing the 5-step scaling model

Our Co-Founder, Shelby sharing the four scaling strategies  

Shelby shared her expertise on “How to Scale Your Business”. In the presentation, Shelby touched on the differences between scaling and growing the business and the 5-step model on scaling a business. She further identified the three common approaches to scaling a business – market penetration, introduction of new products and addition of a new target market; and the four scaling strategies, which is chosen based on the level of uncertainty and speed required. You can download a copy of the material below.

Material for the presentation 

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