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Corporate Innovation with Start-ups

  • Panel discussion hosted by Managing Partners, Advisors from BlackStorm Consulting and Founder of Beyond4
  • Elements and case studies on Corporate Innovation were brought up during the discussion

June 8, 2022: BlackStorm Consulting and Beyond4 hosted and organized a private dinner event in Sofitel, Kuala Lumpur. The event was hosted by Paddy (Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting),  Ruban (Founder of Beyond4), Jeslin (Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting), Leong (Advisor from Blackstorm Consulting) and Peter (Advisor from Blackstorm Consulting). They had gathered and discussed the topic, Corporate Innovation with Start-ups.

Figure: (From the left) Ruban, Founder of BEYOND4, sharing his experience innovating BEYOND4 team, Peter, Advisor from BlackStorm Consulting, Leong, Advisor from BlackStorm Consulting

Businesses had been facing unprecedented challenges in the past few years to innovate their companies to adapt to shifting customers’ needs, identify new potential opportunities, relocate resources for innovative approaches and build a foundation for post-crisis growth. The discussion had tapped into three main elements of corporate innovation.

Scale and Raise Funds

Fundraising had always been one of the main concerns for many businesses. Peter shared his experience in automating processes which create an innovative and creative way to pool resources and boost their revenue. Jeslin also discussed a few case studies based on her experience in scaling and innovating Taiwan start-ups.

People, Product, Process

Paddy shared his view on corporates faced difficulty in retaining their talents during the pandemic and that people are the most important element as they affect products and processes. BlackStorm Consulting partner, Beyond4’s founder, Ruban emphasized the importance of shifting the peoples’ mindset and his process of building an Ecosystem for startups.

Increase values by five times through start-ups

Different companies have varied value propositions and Leong pointed out the parameters and restrictions of corporate in innovating, restructuring and addressing the gap between reality and expectations.

Figure: Jeslin and Paddy, Managing Partners of BlackStorm Consulting giving introduction speech

The private event concluded with Q&A and networking session where guests can voice their opinions and make connections.

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