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BlackStorm Consulting Welcomes Peter Ho Onboard as an Advisor

BlackStorm Consulting is excited to welcome Peter Ho to join us as an Advisor for the Malaysia market.

As Managing Partner of Quocent Sdn Bhd, Peter has more than 25 years of experience in C-Level Engagement, Strategy Planning, Program Development and Account Management, specialising in Telco, Channel Management, Fintech and Customer Experience.

“The new digital world requires you to engage your customers in Customer Experience for the WOW factor and Consumer Behavior to understand their needs, the ultimate goal is to create relationships that both customers and companies will value,” said Peter.

Peter covers a wide range of knowledge and experience in Telco and retail industry, demonstrating leadership skills in different organizations. He has well-established experience in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei as he drives digitalisation into SME market in SEA market as VP for Strategy & Digital Economy for World Consumer  Protection Chamber of Commerce.

“We believe that Peter’s strength and experience in Telco and retail industry will help us achieve new level and extraordinary in BlackStorm Consulting, we gladly welcome Peter to be with us in our team,” shared 馬梅朵, Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting.

With digitalisation and rapidly changing market, start-ups and corporate need to stay innovative to stay ahead of their competitors, successful innovation allow company’s business to increase customer value and optimise their business.  BlackStorm Consulting is at the forefront of the technology industry, full of potential to help out companies challenges.

About BlackStorm Consulting

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