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BlackStorm Consulting Launched a Series of Online Courses at Techgoondu Learn

BlackStorm Consulting is honoured to partner with Techgoondu by supporting with a series of entrepreneurial online courses and programmes on the newly launched e-learning platform, Techgoondu Learn. 

The advent of technology has caused a surge in the demand for technology experts today, with the estimation provided by Microsoft, there will be a total of 149 million new technology-oriented jobs globally by 2025.

The rapid adoption and advancement of technology have accelerated the growth of the technology industry, and it is evident that the growth in technology will continue to be a trend in Singapore and many other neighbouring countries.

This growth will drive further talent demands in this region, far exceeding the supply of technology talents that we have. The accelerated innovation often comes with the need to evolve the ways businesses are conducted, which likely differ across markets.

With the aim to provide a more holistic experience to readers who supported Techgoondu over the decade, Techgoondu has announced the launch of Techgoondu Learn.

Techgoondu is a media house that provides predominantly technology- related content. Powered by Xprenia, Techgoondu Learn will provide content developed by expert partners that helps prepare the community for the rapid technological advancement in the society. The aim is to provide access to compressed years of experience into hours of essence.

How Does Techgoondu Learn Work?

Content in the form of online classes, e-resources and programmes will be listed in Techgoondu Learn section of Techgoondu.com.

In the future, member can expect to connect with professionals for expert guidance and 1-to-1 advisory. There will be community events that allow members with common interests to interact with one another.

BlackStorm Consulting is honoured to provide the first batch of content available on Techgoondu Learn. Together with Techgoondu and Xprenia, we hope to fill out the possible business-oriented gaps that technology professionals might face, and to assist tech entrepreneurs to turn good ideas and products into a successful business.

“Today’s economy requires not just hard skills but also the capability and knowledge to create new value, whether this is your own company or an employer looking to succeed in the digital era,” said Alfred Siew, Editor of Techgoondu.

All online classes and e-resources will be on 80% sale to celebrate the launch of Techgoondu Learn for a period of time. Head over to https://learn.techgoondu.com/ to grab the deals!

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About Techgoondu

Techgoondu.com (https://learn.techgoondu.com/) is published by Goondu Media Pte Ltd, a company registered and based in Singapore. Started in June 2008 by technology journalists and ex-journalists in Singapore who share a common love for all things geeky and digital, the site now includes segments on personal computing, enterprise IT and Internet culture. Each month, the Techgoondu website attracts an estimated 160,000 to 350,000 page views (Google Analytics).

About Xprenia

Established in 2020, Xprenia (https://www.xprenia.com) is a self-managed e-learning platform that presents first-hand stories and knowledge from industry experts, always keeping you up-to-date with insights across the world.

About BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting (https://blackstormco.asia/) is a Singapore-based business scaler that specialises in corporate strategy, profit management and market entry in Southeast Asia. We scale businesses through closing up strategic gaps that hinder companies from reaching their potential. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.