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Innovative Ideas Idea Within Existing Business Model

BlackStorm Consulting has worked with BEYOND4 as building partner to scale startups within the ecosystem. The BEYOND4 ecosystem is made up of 5 digitally integrated multi-tier accelerators designed to support start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators. BEYOND4 is comprised of 5 core accelerators. These 5 accelerators form the ecosystem complex, which houses digital innovative solutions for all levels of talent & businesses, developed to navigate any problem in the fastest possible manner.

How did BlackStorm Consulting help?

  1. Advising the management team and strategise the activities
  2. Structuring activities that assist in building the ecosystem, which includes some startup accelerator programmes
  3. Introducing partners like IAPS and relevant stakeholders for the ecosystem
  4. Guiding the operational team and advising on the procedures. 

Network of Opportunities

Interact with other business professionals to form connections, seek advice and leverage on each others’ resources 

Business Framework

Implementation of new management practices, processes and structures that represent a significant departure from current norms