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Innovative Solutions for Property and Retail Markets: A Global Perspective

June 14, 2023: The Innovative Solutions for Property and Retail Market: A Global Perspective event took place at Menara HLX in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The session commenced with a welcome address by Ms Jeslin Bay, the group CEO of BlackStorm Consulting, who gave a brief introduction regarding the event.

Figure: Ms Hailey Wong, the Sales and Partnership Manager of Dayta introduced Dayta to the audience and discussed about the potential of RetailTech Business Intelligence.

Hailey also shared a case study regarding evolving customer experience with business intelligence using their flagship product, Cyclops. The power of getting insightful retail analytics data with existing cameras is being emphasised on applications and impact in the retail industry.

Figure: Mr Ryan Kim, the Global Sales Manager of Pluxity, was giving a speech regarding Pluxity and the role of Digital Twin in PropTech.

Ryan shared about how Digital Twin solution by Pluxity can provide integrated management solution to their client in managing and optimising their space, achieving overall long-term benefits.


Figure (left to right): Ms Hailey Wong, Ms Amy Bae, Mr Minjae Jung, Ms Angela Kew, and Ms Jeslin Bay

A panel discussion was held at the end with the title: “The Intersection of PropTech, RetailTech, and Data Analytics: Revolutionising the Way We Live, Work, and Shop”.

During the discussion, Ms Hailey addressed data privacy and security concerns in the RetailTech Sector. Amy Bae and Minjae Jung, Global Business Director and Global Project Director of Pluxity discussed the role of PropTech in transforming the real estate landscape. Angela Kew, the CEO of Athena Smart Cities also shared future and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on urban planning and smart cities. All panel speakers had expressed their thoughts on how business operations could benefit from the adoption of AI.

Figure: Ms Amy Bae was sharing her insights on a question raised by the audience

Figure: Open discussion

After an hour long panel discussion, the event ended with a networking and tea session, giving audience and the organisers a chance to get to know each other better, sharing meaningful insights and exploring potential future collaborations.

Key highlights from the event include:

  • Pluxity’s PropTech Revolution: We had the privilege to see the immense potential of PropTech in revolutionising property management and how these innovative solutions are reshaping the way people can interact with properties in this modern world.
  • Dayta AI’s RetailTech Insights: The presentation provided vital insights into the influence of RetailTech in the retail industry. We explored how artificial intelligence could change customer expectations and drive business growth. It covered how Dayta AI utilises technology to create distinctive data analysis solutions tailored for the retail industry.
  • Panel Discussion: We were honored to have esteemed panelists, experts in their respective fields, share their experiences, perspectives, and best practices on leveraging the intersection of PropTech, RetailTech, and Data Analytics. The interactive open discussion session provided the audience with the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain meaningful insights from these industry professionals.

The event was a resounding success, bringing together both organisers and attendees, exploring future opportunities and yielded fruitful discussions.

About BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting (http://blackstormco.asia) is a Singapore-based boutique growth consultancy firm specialising in corporate strategy, profit management and investment management. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium-sized businesses to MNCs to government agencies.

About Dayta AI

Dayta AI ( https://www.dayta.ai/ ) is a Hong Kong-based software company which develops retail analytics SaaS solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers through cloud computing, machine learning and big data. Cyclops, the product of Dayta, an AI Cloud Video Analytics software, allows retailers to acquire data at their premises. Data related to traffic, behavioural and demographics, can be collected and presented in an all-in-one dashboard. Cyclops works with any RTSP-supported cameras, so you can use your existing video cameras without any upfront expenses for new equipment.

About Pluxity

PLUXITY ( https://www.pluxity.com/ ) is a leading Digital Twin solution company headquartered in S.Korea, which offers PLUG Platform, an integrated management solution that enables us to (1) build the 3D virtual map, (2) control the key point of interest within the 3D map, and (3) intuitively display the virtual 3D map to enhance the benefits such as OEE (Overall Equipment effectiveness), optimize productivity, and improve business profitability. PLUXITY transforms 2D spatial information into Digital Twin (3D) and Industrial Metaverse (4D). Utilizing transformed spatial information, PLUXITY offers the PLUG Platform, integrated control solution for major fields of the city, including airport, station, factory, buildings, security & safety, kiosk, warehouse, and even leisure segments such as golf and resort within the 3D map.

About MHub

MHub ( https://www.mhub.my/ ) is a proptech company that provides digital solutions for property marketing, sales, post-sales, and management. To date, the platform has transacted a total value of RM 43 billion from over 2,000 project launches with end-to-end suite of apps and is the trusted digital transformation partner for more than 120 property developers.

About The Proptech Academy

The Proptech Academy ( https://www.mhub.my/tpa ) is MHub’s education arm that focuses on elevating the property industry with cutting-edge best practices through HRDC claimable training, seminars, conferences, and study tours.

About Athena SmartCities

Athena SmartCities ( www.athena.city ), a U.S. based company, is an advanced Smart City Platform with the goal of creating a globally accessible platform providing local solutions. In the midst of a city’s digital transformation, there is a crucial need to gather data from various digital solutions and consolidate it within a robust Big Data platform. This enables the city to analyze and enhance the effectiveness of implemented technologies and processes, ultimately empowering municipal authorities to make informed decisions.

It is also a technology solutions provider providing strategic inputs and tools for affordable housing township master-planning, communications and connections, safety and security, social engagement and economic development, sustainable and green living standards and infrastructure.