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Business Continuity Guide [Part 5]





Conducting a successful virtual meeting requires preparation and a new set of etiquette rules. So, how can managers conduct efficient virtual meetings during this pandemic period?


With telecommuting, virtual meetings are inevitable. It may be difficult to conduct an efficient virtual meeting if you are not aware of the proper etiquette.

In order to save time, you can request for the speakers to send out a simple half-page report on key agenda items before the meeting. This can eliminate time -consuming report-outs during meetings.

To avoid any technical complications happening during the meeting, it is also good practice to ask everyone to test their audio clarity and stability before the meeting.

It is also more engaging if the camera is turned on as expressions and body language is important to decipher the message a person is trying to deliver.


At the start of the meeting, it would be good to do a round of check-ins before jumping straight into work.

Managers can take the lead to demonstrate to the team what are the acceptable topics or duration of each check-in.

Without physical gadgets such as whiteboards or manual polls, you can utilise tools such as Boardthing and Linoit for brainstorming and voting in order to facilitate the meeting process.

As the attention span of humans is very short and it is difficult to gauge how focused each person is, it would be advisable to take breaks every half an hour or so, to ask people about their energy levels and to do some simple stretches together to energize yourselves.

After the meeting, to make sure everyone caught on to what was discussed during the meeting, or to fill in colleagues who were unable to make it, you should enforce the policy of sending a brief, useful meeting summary to any relevant persons.

Post-meeting email can be done to follow up and ensure that everyone involved in the meeting is in the loop. Then think about whether there’s anyone you realised should have been in the meeting as well as any other stakeholders who need to take action or have visibility on the topic.

We hope that we have provided some help in boosting your effectiveness when conducting virtual meetings from home.