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Blackstorm Virtual Launchpad Is Back With Specialised Programmes

To connect enterprises all across Asia and provide them with a platform to showcase their businesses and themselves, BlackStorm Consulting (BSC) launched the BlackStorm Virtual Launchpad (BVL) as a one-stop platform where companies can engage in weekly activities and hear from like-minded industrial players. BlackStorm Consulting is a trusted business scaler specialising in CSO-As-A-Service, Business Building and Corporate Advisor in Southeast Asia. In May 2020, BSC launched Virtual Business Launchpad (VBL). The first edition was a success, attracting enterprises from 3 continents to subscribe as its inaugural batch of Stormers, a title BlackStorm Consulting proudly confers to its partners with a view of the future.

COVID-19 presented an unprecedented challenge to businesses seeking to expand their global footprint. A new digital normal can be seen emerging from the disruption to regular routines and behaviours, as business owners are restricted from travelling and gathering outside. Many businesses have started to operate remotely while dispatching their employees to attend courses and network online. Likewise, employees and entrepreneurs have begun to look online for educational courses and business insights to upgrade themselves. Given the virtual manner in which BlackStorm Virtual Launchpad activities will be conducted, participants are no longer limited by geographic boundaries. The platform promotes cross-vertical and cross-functional engagements between participants to seek synergies that help achieve each parties’ objectives at the fastest speed.

Thomas Tsao, CEO of CEREC Asia and one of the first batch of Stormers, had this to say,

For this latest edition, the Virtual Launchpad series will splinter into three programmes:

(1) Virtual Business Launchpad (VBL) for Businesses looking to accelerate their expansion,
(2) Virtual Entrepreneur Launchpad (VEL) for early or budding Entrepreneurs,
(3) Virtual Manager Launchpad (VML) for mid-to top-level Management honing their expertise.

A programme where budding entrepreneurs from multiple verticals and countries spark invaluable ideas. It is a subscription-based growth programme where entrepreneurs from multiple verticals and countries come together to kickstart valuable ideas and build long-term relationships to help them accelerate their growth. Enterprise members can partake in a series of activities arranged every month while supported with continuous services tailored by BlackStorm Consulting. On-demand Masterclasses, a series of short videos and activities, will be made available for users to follow and apply to their business at their own pace. These include titles like “Scaling in Southeast Asia”, “How to Scale Up”, and “Succession Planning for Growth”. For more information, visit here, or express your interest in VBL here.

Designed for new entrepreneurs who just started their business for less than a year or individuals who want to kickstart a venture but lack the know-how. Subscribers will learn how to ideate, conceptualise, test ideas, plan, and execute as a one-man operation. Workshop topics include “Ideate about the venture”, “Structure a business model”, “Resource planning”, and “Capture sales with a strategic approach”. For more information, visit here, or express your interest in VEL here.

Targets mid-to-top level management looking to refine their managerial practices. VML also welcomes employees poised to take up management positions to pick up recognised skillsets through its hand-tailored course of learning materials. Contents cover topics like “Planning 101”, “Organising 101”, “Leadership 101”, “Staffing 101”, and “Controlling 101. Express your interest in VML here.

Join our list of partners that benefited from all that Virtual Launchpad has to offer.

In addition, Virtual Launchpad series subscribers are entitled to a waiver off their 1st-year membership for IOX Biz Hub worth up to USD 1,299. The IOX Biz Hub (Internet of Infinity Business Hub) is a growth springboard for forward-looking companies based in Singapore. By facilitating multidisciplinary innovation, catalyses companies’ localisation efforts and helps them expand their regional and global footprint.

If you are interested in becoming our next Stormer, arrange a 60-minute free consultation to find out which programme you are suitable for. Alternatively, reach out to us to find out more about each programme.

BlackStorm Consulting (http://blackstormco.asia/) is a Singapore-based boutique growth consultancy firm that specialises in corporate strategy, profit management and investment management. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia.

Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.