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BlackStorm Consulting Visiting ITRI

(From left to right) Dr. Kuo-Chung Huang (ITRI), Yi-Wen Chen (ITRI), Ryan Huang (ITRI), Jeslin Bay (BlackStorm Consulting), Harvey Ma (BlackStorm Consulting Taiwan) and Paddy Tan (BlackStorm Consulting)

September 17, 2019: It had been bustling for BlackStorm Consulting! We were welcomed warmly to host a seminar and attend several meetings in a city in the northern Taiwan, Hsinchu. Many rounds of meetings were conducted amiably between groups and BlackStorm Consulting even had the first-hand experience to have a tour in ndustrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showroom. We were esteemed to engage with the different corporate bodies as many insights were shared during the trip.

Seminar – Doing Business in Southeast Asia

The seminar was kicked start by Theo Liu, Manager of Center of Innovative Incubator, NTHU, who warmly welcome all attendees. Attendees were cordially invited by both ITRI and Center of Innovative Incubator, NTHU.

Theo Liu of Center of Innovative Incubator, NTHU was giving an opening remarks

Dr. Huang Kuo-Chung of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) was giving an introduction IoT Integrated Service Center (IisC) project

Paddy Tan, Co-Founder of BlackStorm Consulting was sharing his experience on overcoming challenges in various Southeast Asian countries

Harvey Ma, Co-Founder of BlackStorm Consulting discussed about how Taiwan can look beyond the domestic market

Attendees of the seminar on Doing Business in Southeast Asia

The talk was followed by three roundtable discussions whereby individuals had more time to have further discussion with BlackStorm Consulting team.

Paddy was handling some queries from some of the attendees

Jeslin Bay, Co-Founder of  BlackStorm Consulting was handling some queries from the attendees

Harvey was handling some queries from the attendees

Tour in ITRI showroom

(From left to right) Dr. Kuo-Chung Huang (ITRI), Jeslin Bay (BlackStorm Consulting), Yi-Wen Chen (ITRI), Harvey Ma (BlackStorm Consulting Taiwan) and Paddy Tan (BlackStorm Consulting)

The team of BlackStorm Consulting was then brought around the perimeter of ITRI showroom where interesting technologies were displayed. An example is FleXspeaker – a technology that utilises paper and metal layers as the material with a thickness of less than 0.1 cm.  Projects that were completed with commercial companies were also showcased at the showroom.

A Series of Meetings with ITRI Teams

After the visit to the showroom, BlackStorm Consulting went into meetings with several teams of ITRI to discuss the potentiality of future collaborations. The teams are mainly from Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories (EOSL) and Information and Communications Research Laboratories.

(From left to right) Wen-Tsao Chen (ITRI), Kuo-Chung Huang (ITRI), Jan Chiou (ITRI), Yi-Wen Chen (ITRI), Ryan Huang (ITRI), Shu Feng Wang (ITRI), Paddy Tan (BlackStorm Consulting), Harvey Ma (BlackStorm Consulting), Jeslin Bay (BlackStorm Consulting)

Innovative Applications of Technology – Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories

Group photo with several engineers and researchers of innovative technologies

BlackStorm Consulting visited a mini showroom in the department of EOSL where some of the engineers and researchers presented some applications of their technologies. This comprised Shortwave Ultraviolet (UVC) and Visible Light Communication (VLC).

Some of the applications could be used for the design of smart green buildings such as lightings, ventilation, water quality and walls. One of the interesting concepts would be human-centric lightings where the lights could vary on different timings of the day. The adjustments could help in influencing moods, affecting productivity and saving energy consumptions.

The other captivating application would be pertaining to air and water quality. Reproduction is vital for microbes, thus by making them lose the ability to multiply will render them as harmless and no longer pathogenic. UVC light comes into place, penetrating through their cell walls and disrupting the DNA structure to disallow them for any reproduction. This disinfection requires no chemical and can be used safely in many areas. It is environmentally friendly and instantaneous, making it an advantageous choice.

As for the VLC, it could be also applicable to traditional mining industry. The nature of mining is often perilous hence it will be viable to have monitoring and tracking within the mine. VLC can aid by locating the miners and equipment. Communications can be done and routed between the Li-Fi LED fixture along the mining tunnels and smart mobile devices. This can mitigate the risk in case of any emergency.

The experts were willing to share some of the technicalities with BlackStorm Consulting. Should any of you would like to explore collaborations or licensing of these technologies, please contact Jeslin Bay at jeslin@blackstormco.asia.

All in all, the trip was wrapped up nicely with many meaningful takeaways and deepened relationships. BlackStorm Consulting will like to thank ITRI, IisC and Center of Innovative Incubator, NTHU for their time, hospitality and connections.

Stay tuned for more updates on our next Taiwan trip!

About Industrial Technology Research Institute

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (https://www.itri.org.tw/) is one of the world’s leading technology R&D institutions aiming to innovate a better future for society. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s industries from labour-intensive into innovation driven. It focuses on the fields of Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment.

Over the years, ITRI has incubated over 280 innovative companies, including well-known names such as UMC and TSMC. In addition to its headquarters in Taiwan, ITRI has branch offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan in an effort to extend its R&D scope and promote opportunities for international cooperation around the world.

About IoT Integrated Service Center (IisC)

IoT Integrated Service Center (IisC) (http://www.iisc.org.tw/) is aimed to integrate the trend of IoT product development with Taiwan’s most advantageous semiconductor manufacturing and provide the linkage of the resources needed for technical development and commercialization on an IoT intelligence service platform. IisC, as a one – stop hardware design manufacturing service centre, could help innovative IoT startups for technical support, modules, process and business consulting and also provide pilot run service for product optimisation in order to speed up the process of commercialisation.

About Center of Innovative Incubator, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

The Center of Innovative Incubator, National Tsing Hua University (http://cii.nthu.edu.tw/) is a joint initiative between NTHU and the Ministry of Science and Technology to provide space and facilities to test projects in business and technology innovation. It was established in September 1998 to help resident enterprises benefit from the research expertise and resources available at NTHU. It provides professional counselling and incubation facilities for SME startups involved in the areas of information software, electronics, opto-mechatronics, biomedicine, energy, environmental technology as well as other fields for which NTHU is capable of offering assistance.

About BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting (http://blackstormco.asia/) is a boutique growth consultancy firm that specialises in corporate strategy, profit management and investment management. We mainly serve clients in four sectors: FinTech, Gaming, Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), and manufacturing.

Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.