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BlackStorm Consulting Partners Digital Nomad Labs to Help Businesses Adopt Blockchain Solutions

BlackStorm Consulting and Digital Nomad Labs jointly announced their partnership to provide comprehensive support to businesses in adopting blockchain technologies. In this partnership, BlackStorm Consulting will be focusing on providing business advice on blockchain applications whereby Digital Nomad Labs will help businesses realise their ultimate objectives with technical consultancy and development.

Blockchain, the shared ledger technology system behind cryptocurrencies, has come a long way over the decade. The mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies has fueled the roaring demand of blockchain implementation on business solutions. However, Blockchain does not end with cryptocurrencies, its nature allows it to be used for a variety of purposes such as providing low-cost, safe, and secure peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. In fact, the traditional banks around the world have started adopting the technology. Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey with 1,000 banks have also presented a shocking more than 95% of the respondents would make some level of investment in blockchain or digital ledger technology.

Digital Nomad Labs saw the potential of this technology years back and have since helped the private and public sectors in leveraging on blockchain to optimise their operations. One of their solutions is the NOMAD IDENTIFIER, a technology solution to enable companies perform automated electronic know your customer (eKYC) that is especially useful when businesses deal with massive number of online applicants and need an efficient digital onboarding process.

“With the hype of Blockchain, many businesses jumped the bandwagon and flocked to adopt blockchain without being sure with the commercial results. This often results in unnecessary losses in resources and time.  As such, we are thrilled to work with BlackStorm Consulting to minimise the commercial gaps and risks in adopting blockchain to ensure our clients get the best out of the technology,” said Benny Yuen, Co-Founder of Digital Nomad Labs.

BlackStorm Consulting is known as a business scaler and fixer that helps businesses to find their potential and close strategic gaps that hinder their success. With the strong network of partners ranging from international startup accelerators, small and medium enterprises, corporates, to government agencies that focus on managing portfolios of companies who are planning to internationalise their businesses.

“We hope our clients are not restricted by the lack of access to technology. Blockchain is not an all-powerful solution, but it is no doubt that blockchain is an essential technology that brings a paradigm shift to how businesses operate in the next few years. We strive to help more businesses harness the power of blockchain in the coming year,” said Paddy Tan, Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting.

In this partnership, both parties strive to help more than a hundred businesses capture the blockchain opportunity in an efficient and effective manner by 2022.


About BlackStorm Consulting

BlackStorm Consulting (https://blackstormco.asia/) is a Singapore-based boutique growth consultancy firm that specialises in corporate strategy, profit management and investment management. We scale businesses in Southeast Asia. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.


About Digital Nomad Labs

Digital Nomad Labs  (https://www.digitalnomadlabs.io/) is a Singapore-based blockchain technology company that develops a suite of innovative solutions. The corporate mission is to develop innovative technologies and tools for blockchain applications, so that enterprise implementations are productive and profitable. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has an office in London. Among the NOMAD portfolio, the company offers IDENTIFIER for electronic know your customer (eKYC), as well as cross-chain tools to promote blockchain  functionalities.