Entrepreneurship is a risky business. All it takes is a chain of bad habits and decisions to cause a business to find itself in a pinch. Good habits create a systematic way of doing things, resulting in repeatable successful results that drive the business forward. Forming good habits is imperative to how you run your...
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Tommy Chieng, co-founder and COO of SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) started as an employee in 2010. Over the past few years, working closely with Mr Wong, CEO of SEAGM, he has been recognised for his contribution and been identified as the next leader in SEAGM. Tommy has led SEAGM, a Malaysian online e-commerce platform that...
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Working for Z Instruments, a company in Finland for the last 3 years and with multiple partners around world as a consultant, Nancy Ahola has multiple experiences in strategic partnerships, product development, fundraising and market entry in Asia, Europe and USA. She will share her passion as a startup employee and what will it take...
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