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The Launch of Why Startups Fail – Bi-weekly Newsletter

We all love stories of startup successes — some being true market disruptors, changing the business world along the way. However, the reality is that there are far more failed startups than the successful ones. Failure is the norm, they say.

But what if we tell you that your startup’s failure is a badge of honour?

Today, we bring you Why Startups Fail, a bi-weekly newsletter where curated insights on startup failures and what businesses can learn from them are delivered straight from Southeast Asia’s boutique Business Scalers to you.

Why Startups Fail, the newsletter does not intend to fill your inbox with information that isn’t your cup of tea. Instead, it’s something you’ll look forward to receiving every other week. If you’re building a startup or simply just interested in delving beyond startup statistics and numbers, this is for you.

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Inside Scoop of Honestbee Case — for FREE!

Honestbee, once regarded as a successful Southeast Asian startup story, expanded in eight markets in just three years and supported a USD 46 million raised fund. However, within a few months, everything went downhill. The company had fallen apart, its profits had been wiped out, and its reputation was in disarray. So, what went wrong?

Keep a close eye on our free newsletter this week as we delve into Honestbee’s startup story, failure points, and what you can learn from their mistakes.

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Why Startups Fail Newsletter is brought to you by BlackStorm Consulting — a boutique growth consultancy firm that specialises in corporate strategy, profit management and investment management.