RedEye Biomedical

Company Description

RedEye Biomedical Inc. is a start-up from Hsinchu, Taiwan. RedEye contributes to doing the research and development on a device that can detect if there is any trace of blood hidden in the excrement. Our goal is to help people find the initial symptoms of colorectal cancer, kidney disease, and bladder cancer and to be aware of the situation of inflammation throughout the body to realize home health monitoring. Doing well on daily health management can achieve the goal of early detection and early treatment.



RedEye hemoglobin sensor is an ICT health promotion product and used to do the health management at home. With Redeye’s technology, the world’s first optical sensing technique, the apparatus can detect whether there is heme in the solution or not. There is no need to contact feces directly. 

Users can spend less time identifying the early stage of the disease for early warning. After getting this message, people can go to a hospital to do the re-examination to regain the initiative and then reach the goal of “early detection, early treatment”.

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