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Type: Digital Twin

Company Description

Pluxity is connected to a second compound word of ‘Plug-in’ and ‘Soft City’ Society (Soft City) It means their vision of providing more advanced extension services (Plug-ins). Within cities and buildings, there are different systems dealing with security, energy, network, and environmental information. Because they use different guidance systems to monitor what happens. It is not easy to monitor all situations at a glance and cope with event situations. In particular, there is a limit to expressing a lot of information in a two-dimensional map in the Internet (IoT) world.

In order to overcome these limitations, three-dimensional spatial information technology, VR, and AR technology Integrate information systems based on the virtualisation of things and environments surrounding them. The manager intelligently identifies and responds to real-time information in the space. They focus on R & D and the supply of control technology that can predict even the following situations.



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