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Type: Rental Marketplace

Company Description

Lendor is a marketplace platform with an extensive library of things that consumers can rent from partner businesses and share with trusted peers for short term use.

By enabling item owners to share their library of things with others, Lendor encourages collaborative consumption, less wastage, and allows purchases to go the extra mile.

Lendor takes care of all inventory, order and communication management, while protecting all beloved items so all users can share with a peace of mind.


How it works

Lendor is Launching in Thailand

In the effort to help Lendor penetrate a new market, Thailand, we managed to set up the network of key partners to prepare the launch of the platform in Thailand. 

We are actively seeking for merchants and marketing partners to join the mission of Lendor in the coming year 2022. 

Keen to find out more?

Contact us for listing as a merchant, corporate rental or collaboration with Lendor Thailand.