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Digital Nomad Labs

Type: Blockchain Tech Enabler

Company Description

Digital Nomad Labs is a Singapore-based blockchain technology company that develops a suite of innovative solutions. The corporate mission is to develop innovative technologies and tools for blockchain applications, so that enterprise implementations are productive and profitable. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has an office in London. Among the NOMAD portfolio, the company offers IDENTIFIER for electronic know your customer (eKYC), as well as cross-chain tools to promote blockchain  functionalities.




Bookkeeping Software for Digital Assets
Automate Crypto accounting process and focus on your business
Financial Advice
Explore the Business Innovation of BlockChain Technologies, discover the possibilities and how to leverage blockchain for your business
eKYC Global Solution
Implement automated electronic know your customer (eKYC) that is useful when businesses deal with massive number of online applicants and need an efficient digital onboarding process

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