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Company Description

The AeSA team itself has rich e-commerce resources and experience. The founder, Mr. Ye Jianhan, has more than ten years of experience in the e-commerce and digital fields in the past. The Taiwan e-commerce & industry circle has a different new outlook.

The AeSA team has cultivated the performance of more than 15 new teams in the past, and has rich online and offline course resources. With the MyBestLearn online learning platform and professional one-on-one tutoring, it helps new teams quickly accumulate e-commerce knowledge. Linking with the Southeast Asian market, the AeSA team also signed a number of local partners in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, strengthened access to channels and resources, and organized a Southeast Asian e-commerce delegation to lead the new team to actually visit Southeast Asia and get a deep understanding of ASEAN Market conditions.

AeSA’s organization is divided into five departments. The media is responsible for external publicity matters. Accelerators, e-commerce data operation centers, and agency operations are the planning and growth of the new team. University departments are the development of e-commerce team capabilities.


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