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Overseas Market Setup & Scaling

• 實施市場進入的咨詢
• 業務匹配與產生潛在客戶
• 合作夥伴匹配
• 團隊組建與入職的支援
• 當地業務的支援

Corporate Restructuring

• Identify internal and external challenges
• Restructure the product line, organisation structure, and other resources


• Feasibility assessment
• 目標市場規模
• 實地市場研究
• 識別機遇與挑戰

Cross-Operations Diagnostic

• Identification of operational gaps
• Assessment of management practices
• Recommendations on improvements to the gaps


• 過渡計劃與指導
• 技術整合
• 商業模式轉型
• 生態系統發展
• 企業延壽計劃

Group learning and activities



Suitable for companies who would like to accelerate their growth with a robust plan.

• Market Entry Edition (Mature Startups & SMEs)
• Market Entry Edition (Early Startups)

Virtual Entrepreneur Launchpad

Suitable for individuals who are just starting out and would want expert guidance on structuring a viable business.

• Be Your Own Boss Edition

Virtual Manager Launchpad

Suitable for individuals in the mid to high management level to refine their management skills.

• Be a Modern Manager Edition

Accelerator Sub-Programme

– Business Matching
– Market Entry Training
– Recruitment

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