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Bring your business to greater height

Market Entry

Pre-entry Advisory (Feasibility Assessment)

• Target market sizing
• On-the-ground market research
• Identification of opportunities and challenges
• Market entry and corporate strategising
• Guidance on writing a business plan

Overseas Market Setup

• Company registration
• Team formation and onboarding support
• Local operational support

Overseas Market Scaling

• Advisory on market entry implementation
• Business matching and lead generation
• Partner matching

Building a pipeline for corporate longevity

Corporate Innovation

Legacy / Succession Planning

• Succession pipeline mapping
• Transition planning and coaching

Business and Digital Transformation

• Technology integration
• Business model transformation
• Ecosystem development
• Corporate longevity planning
• Corporate – startup matching
• Culture change and transformation management

Startup / Accelerator Placement Programme

• Talent immersion programme
• Startup-mentor matching
• Accelerator manager coaching

Corporate Innovation Pilot Programme

• Startup interviews
• Programme setup and curriculum planning
• Partner and mentor matching
• Startup growth training

Corporate Innovation Labs

• Programme setup and curriculum planning
• Partner and mentor matching
• Spin-off setup

Making your commitment worthwhile

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Strategising

• Corporate strategy alignment
• M&A goal-setting

Pre-M&A Assessment

• M&A target list creation
• Target screening
• On-site due diligence
• Synergies exploration

Deal Structuring

• Target valuation assessment
• Facilitating price negotiation

Post M&A Integration

• Exploiting synergies
• Post M&A monitoring
• Facilitating integration
• Scaling strategising

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