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Are you someone who is in the mid or top-level management and would like to refine your management skills?

Virtual Manager Launchpad is a subscription-based growth programme whereby employees and manager-to-be learn how to make the most out of their career. Learners can acquire the relevant managerial skills to upgrade themselves and coordinate with other departments to align and attain organisational goals.​ Managers can partake in a series of fixed activities every month with continuous support from their designated consultant. This service will be a lite version of consultancy brought to you by BlackStorm Consulting.
The programmes scheduled for every month when you are subscribed to us

Programme Outline


Week 1

Virtual Consultation #1 (1 hour)

Release of Virtual On-demand MasterClasses (6 hours)


Week 2

Workshop #1 (2 hours)


Week 3



Week 4

Workshop #2 (2 hours) 

Just 5-step. Start off with us knowing more about you!

How Can You Join Us?


Step 1

Answer 5 main questions for us to tailor something for you. 


Step 2

Book a 30-min consultation to assess your fit


Step 3

Activate on the 1st day of the upcoming month.


Step 4

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Step 5

Reactivate anytime when you need to.

*Free 1st month trial for the first 50 members. T&Cs apply, including no prorated refund for half-month and only able to cancel during the 2nd month.

The Curriculum

Some examples but not limited to:

Planning 101

Planning involves assessing the organisation’s goals and actions to pursue. It includes determining what strategies to use, what steps to take, and resources to commit to achieving goals.

Leadership 101

Leaders have to articulate a vision, energise the team, inspiring and motivating people. Utilising vision, influence, persuasion, and effective communication skills to efficiently achieve the organisation’s purposes.

Controlling 101

Having control processes and checkpoints to evaluate how well you are achieving your goals, improving performance, and taking action. Put strategies in place to help you establish standards, so you can measure, compare, and make decisions.​

Organising 101

Organising is the first step to build up the organisation foundation. The suitable organisation structure and establishing employee relationships allow them to work together to achieve their organisational goals.​

Staffing 101

Recognising the organisation’s needs and internal team potential, recruit and select the right talents for positions within the company (within teams and departments).​

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About IOX Biz Hub

Based in Singapore, IOX Biz Hub (Internet of Infinity Business Hub) is a growth springboard for forward-looking companies. By facilitating multidisciplinary innovation, we catalyse companies’ localisation efforts and help them expand their regional and global footprint.

Why should you join us?

Be Trained for a Managerial Role

Learn the 5 management functions and poise yourself to take up management positions.

Inter-level Collaboration

Learn to leverage on the other departments in your organisation and align the differing departmental and level goals.

Courses that Last Forever

The virtual on-demand masterclasses will be available to you forever.

Achieve KPIs

Identify the Key Performance Indicators specific to your industry and learn how to better achieve organisational goals. 

We've Got Your Back

Afraid to miss out on any group workshops? Fret not, every workshop will be recorded for you to access.

Customised Advice

Get customised advice at a fraction of the price as compared to the price for a full suite of professional consultations. 

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