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Batch #1
Conducted in the May 2020

Batch #1 - Market Entry Edition

Virtual Business Launchpad’s Market Entry Edition Batch #1 was an accelerated programme that was conducted within a short span of 4 weeks. Stormers are from Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia and are in the field of Manufacturing, Dental, Internet of Things (IoT) SaaS, and Event Tech. 

We are Recruiting Batch #2 Stormers

這是一個付費課程。 與我們聯繫以瞭解是否適合此課程,並如何為您的業務提供協助。 

注: 您無義務與我們立即簽約。

Batch #1 Stormers

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution

FOX-TECH Co. enables farming, logistics, cold chain, and manufacturing owners to monitor, track, and improve their operation by our data analytics IoT Platform. FOX- TECH combines secure, low power consumption, efficient data structure, and high sensor accuracy devices with its cutting-edge platform to simplify IoT for everyone.

One-Stop Hardware Innovation Service

With over 30-year experience and facilities both in Taiwan and China, their professional team offers thorough services from product development, design verification, pilot run, mass production, to global logistics. Mighty Net delivers one-stop service with quality and confidence.

Online Ticketing & Event Management Platform

Ticket2u is an online ticketing and event management platform that helps you buy and sell, manage, and check-in tickets for your event at ease.

Ticket2u owned Ticket2u.com, Ticket2u.com.sg, Ticket2u.com.my, Ticket2u.co.id, Cloudhax.com and Hax.com.my. Our operations covered Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Dental Training Centre & Crowdfunding Platform

CEREC Asia is a certified CEREC CAD/CAM training institute founded in 2016. It is an authorised independent training centre for official Dentsply Sirona training certifications. Other than on-site training, CEREC Asia also provides digital courses. The group has developed the first product called EasyPrep, which has been distributed by dealers locally and is in talk to distribute to countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Tooth Faerie is a crowdfunding project under CEREC Asia. TOOTH FAERIE is a dental-specific crowdfunding platform.

Programme Outline - Batch #1



Week #1 is all about planning for what are needed for a successful market entry. The objective is to optimise the resources set aside for new market development and achieve your objectives at the shortest time. 

Weekly Virtual Consultancy #1

We learnt about their market development plan and identify challenges that they could be facing.

按需大師班 #1: 快速發展

In this course, we highlighted three key components – People, Strategy, and Cash – that are essential in most businesses to achieve the sustainable scale-up model. It also introduces practical tools to identify what needs to be changed in order to scale up the business fast.

上綫工作坊 #1: 進入市場的準備

Preparation for market entry is an ongoing process and could be a tedious one without having the right direction. In this workshop, we discuss the three main steps to prepare for market entry. Resources such as guides on market research, business plan creation, business model creation, performance measurement and budgeting were available for our Stormers.



Week #2 is all about brainstorming on what can you do to enhance your entire business through the new market entry. The objective is to ensure your market entry plan is aligned with your corporate strategy and beneficial to your company as a whole. 

Weekly Virtual Consultancy #2


按需大師班 #2: 業務轉型

In this course, we focused on building a platform business model. Stormers learnt to optimise the use of your resources and prioritise your stakeholders systematically, identify areas that need to be enhanced, as well as make the right strategic decisions.



第 3 週的主題是要識別可以對業務進行系統化的方面。這將有助於在新市場進入期間順利執行。目的是確保在國外市場擴展時,運營不會受到不必要的阻斷。 

Weekly Virtual Consultancy #3


按需大師班 #3: 建立戰士團隊

Having a high-performance work team is critical to the success of developing a new market. In this course, we focused on building a team of warriors through identifying those with the critical trait: growth mindset, as well as mapping down the career path to build a sustainable relationship between you and your employees.

上綫工作坊 #2: 系統化業務

A systemised business is one that has defined processes in place to maximise efficiency. Not all processes should be systemised. In this workshop, we discussed on which aspects you can look into and how can it help you with expanding a market.



第 4 週是取得結果。目的是在新市場中獲得銷售,以維持您在當地的運營。在這週,您也會為自己與公司打上品牌並讓其他人更加瞭解您。 

Weekly Virtual Consultancy #4


按需大師班 #4: 將銷售線索轉換為實際銷售

This course aimed to help Stormers to maximise their sales potential to convert potential leads to actual sales in just a few steps. Effective selling is a valuable skill. This is no doubt essential when you are trying to establish yourself in a new market.

上綫分享: 網絡研討會

A themed and structured public discussion will be put together with the Stormers whereby you can share about your company and experience. Stormers shared their experience in building an ecosystem in their field of business.

Get a Glimpse into Batch #1 Programme

Ecosystem Building – What Does It Take To Build A Robust Ecosystem for your Business?

A Virtual Sharing session involving all Batch #1 Stormers.