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Where Stormers Expand Their Footprints Efficiently at a Fraction of the Price

Virtual Business Launchpad is a 100-day growth programme whereby entrepreneurs from multiple verticals and countries accelerate their growth within a compressed period of time This service will be a lite version of consultancy brought to you by BlackStorm Consulting. We accept applications on a rolling basis.
Get control of your schedule in this programme

What will you get?


Inhouse Consultants

Straight to your doubts! Arrange up to 8 hours of consultations with our consultants for advice on your business ideas


Industrial Experts

Speak to the experts directly! Arrange up to 5-hour of consultations with specially curated industrial experts to bounce off your ideas


Access to e-Resources

Why hire a full-time consultant? Try it out yourself! Unlimited access to a series of entrepreneurial related content to help you with your planning


Bespoke Interview

Start branding yourself! Get interviewed and share your journey. We may invite you as a special guest to our themed discussion


Business Matching

A shortcut to business development. Get matched with two (2) potential quality partners

Time is precious. Take the shortcut to success

Why should you join us?

Refine your Business

Refine your business for better and efficient growth. Within 100 days. 

Unlimited Access to Guides

The e-resources that are part of the programme will be available to you beyond the programme.

We've got your back

Running a business is like riding a rollercoaster. Learn from our past case studies and avoid mistakes made by others early. 

Networking Opportunity

Be part of our BlackStorm community forever! Network with a group of like-minded people during group events.

Maximise Exposure

Access the platform to brand yourself. Don’t forget branding is almost essential in entrepreneurial journey. 

Customised advice

Get customised advice at a fraction of the price as compared to the price for a full suite of professional consultations. 

We accept applications on a rolling basis

Who is this programme for?


You have a registered entity for this business

If you have not registered your company, please explore 虛擬企業家啟動板. This is to ensure you got the best service 


You need some help with some aspects of your business

Get fresh perspectives and validation on your current business with experts. What’s amazing is you get introduced to partners that can bring your business to the next level


You are not ready to take up a full suite consultancy package

Try out our service within this short span of 100 days and decide if you want to commit in a full-suite consultancy services that give you a supersized impact


2020 年 5 月

Stormers’ Testimonials

  • BlackStorm Consulting (黑風暴) 提供的價值是它幫每一個不同的 partners (夥伴)去找到屬於它一個客制化的方向, 然後讓它很快速地達到它的目標。

    Sonic Wang
  • 在擴展業務的時候, 我們常思考的東西其實都是很單純。因爲你只是因依你的業務的擴大所以你去做這件事情。 那很多時候你真的需要把很多細節,那些你需要去檢識的東西好好的看。在VBL我們可以用BlackStorm Consulting(黑風暴)準備的清單去思考這些東西。這些東西都已經準備好了, 我們只需要很好很好地一步一步把業務再往上去代理。

    Thomas Tsao
    CEO, CEREC Asia
  • This course has enlightened me. It helps me to look at my business expansion strategy from different perspectives.

    YC Chia
    Managing Director & Founder


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