Virtual Business Launchpad

Recruiting in Mid-April 2021

Where Stormers Expand Their Footprints Efficiently at a Fraction of the Price

Virtual Business Launchpad is a subscription-based growth programme whereby entrepreneurs from multiple verticals and countries come together to kick-start invaluable ideas and build long-term relationships to help them accelerate their growth. Enterprise members can partake in a series of fixed activities every month with continuous support from their designated consultant. This service will be a lite version of consultancy brought to you by BlackStorm Consulting.

Four Elements


Virtual Consultancy

We understand each organisations’ challenges are unique. Thus, you can arrange regular 1-to-1 virtual consultation from anywhere with your designated consultant.


Virtual Workshops

2-hour interactive workshops with hands-on activities, where you can apply what you have learnt on the spot to your business. Learn in a group and hear what your fellow Stormers think. 


Virtual On-demand Masterclasses

We know that you may be busy with your day-to-day activities during office hours. Our on-demand courses present a series of short videos and activities which you can follow and apply to your business at your own pace.


Virtual Sharing

A structured and themed discussion for members to gather, network, learn and benefit from one another. Take the opportunity to make yourself known to the public. 

Get a waiver off 1st year membership for IOX Biz Hub worth up to USD 1,299!

Cancel anytime after the first month. Free 1st month trial for the first 50 members. 

About IOX Biz Hub

Based in Singapore, IOX Biz Hub (Internet of Infinity Business Hub) is a growth springboard for forward-looking companies. By facilitating multidisciplinary innovation, we catalyse companies’ localisation efforts and help them expand their regional and global footprint.

The programs scheduled for every month when you are subscribed to us

Programme Outline


Week 1

Virtual Consultation #1 (1 hour)

Release of Virtual On-demand MasterClasses (6 hours)


Week 2

Workshop #1 (2 hours)


Week 3

Preparation for Week 4’s Virtual Sharing (1 hour)


Week 4

Virtual Sharing (1 hour), such as: Online demo day, Interview, Invitation to be a speaker, or Article contribution

Get up to 23x the value that you paid!

Why should you join us?

Train the trainer

Involve up to 3 members of your company. Create the domino effect within your firm with just one price. 

Courses that last forever

The virtual on-demand masterclasses will be available to you forever. 

We've got your back

Afraid to miss out on any group workshops? Fret not, every workshop will be recorded for you to access.

Networking Opportunity

Network with a group of like-minded people during group events.

Maximise Exposure

Create exposure that could provide you the opportunity to form synergistic partnerships. 

Customised advice

Get customised advice at a fraction of the price as compared to the price for a full suite of professional consultations. 

Learn More about VBL Batch #1 Programme

May 2020

Stormers’ Testimonials

  • BlackStorm Consulting (黑風暴) 提供的價值是它幫每一個不同的 partners (夥伴)去找到屬於它一個客制化的方向, 然後讓它很快速地達到它的目標。

    Sonic Wang
  • 在擴展業務的時候, 我們常思考的東西其實都是很單純。因爲你只是因依你的業務的擴大所以你去做這件事情。 那很多時候你真的需要把很多細節,那些你需要去檢識的東西好好的看。在VBL我們可以用BlackStorm Consulting(黑風暴)準備的清單去思考這些東西。這些東西都已經準備好了, 我們只需要很好很好地一步一步把業務再往上去代理。

    Thomas Tsao
    CEO, CEREC Asia
  • This course has enlightened me. It helps me to look at my business expansion strategy from different perspectives.

    YC Chia
    Managing Director & Founder


This programme is on a monthly-subscription basis. Cancel anytime.

Early-Stage Startup

Companies operating for less than 3 years.


/ Month
    Valued US$ 5,000 every month
  • Free 1st year membership - IOX Biz Hub (Worth up to US$1,299)
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Mature Companies

Companies operating for more than 3 years.


/ Month
    Valued US$ 7,000 every month
  • Free 1st year membership - IOX Biz Hub (Worth up to US$ 1,299)
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Full Suite Consultancy

Need more help scaling your business?


/ Month
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Scaling in Southeast Asia / Taiwan
  • Cross-Operations Diagnostic
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Feasibility Assessment & Business Diagnostic
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Step 2

Book a 30-min consultation to assess your fitness.


Step 3

Activate on the 1st day of the upcoming month.


Step 4

Don’t like it? Cancel during the second month*


Step 5

Reactivate anytime when you want to.

*Free 1st month trial for the first 50 members. T&Cs apply, including no prorated refund for half-month and cancel only during the 2nd month.


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