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“Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of forces working together.”

James Cash Penny, Founder of JC Penny


Scale up fast is a definitely a common goal for entrepreneurs and investors. Scaling is not just about having traditional marketing campaigns to increase revenue. It requires many components to come hand in hand to improve efficiencies and profit margins. Right planning and execution are essential. 

In this course, we will highlight three key components – People, Strategy and Cash – that are essential in most businesses to achieve the sustainable scale-up model. It also introduces practical tools to identify what needs to be changed in order to scale up the business fast. 

Topics Covered in This Course

⁃ Scale up with the right people

⁃ Scale up with the right strategy

⁃ Scale up through maximising cash

Estimated Duration of the Course

60 minutes



Who is This Course For

⁃ Entrepreneurs who strive for next level of explosive growth

⁃ Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to plan for a scalable venture

⁃ Corporate who want to plan for a new business of growth

Practise While Watching

Download a copy of the worksheet and work with us throughout the course.

(1/4) Introduction

We explore what scaling truly means, and how to get a company to scale quickly. These include concrete factors that a business owner should look at in order to scale the company quickly.

A brief introduction on:

  1. What is scaling?
  2. What are the barriers to scaling up?
  3. What are the fundamentals to scale up fast?  

(2/4) Scaling Up - People

Human capital is necessary to drive a business. Scale requires the effective and efficient use of that capital to perform key tasks that support one another to scale up. This video offers 3 tools that managers can use to effectively organise human capital to achieve the goal of scalability.

(3/4) Scaling Up - Strategy

Creating a competitive and sustainable strategy is necessary for any scalable business. We break down the steps of developing a strong strategy for your business to prepare it for scaling up through an activity.

(4/4) Scaling Up - Cash

Scaling up brings new transaction sizes and possibly new costs to a business. Budgeting well is key in maintaining a healthy cash flow to sustain the business to reap the rewards of the scaling. We will discuss multiple financial levers and their impact on your business, giving you the knowledge to budget more prudently to ensure survivability.

Put Your Learning into Practice

Download a copy of the worksheet and apply what you have learnt throughout the course.