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Proven Ways to Help Your Business Weather the Storm

A crisis can take any form and can come at any time. Be prepared as an organisation to tackle any crisis.

Proven Ways to Help Your Business Weather the Storm

Being prepared to tackle any crisis would entail making the right decisions and focusing on the correct issues before, during, and after the crisis. “Proven Ways To Help Your Business Weather The Storm” walks you through the steps of defining your problems, both current and future, planning for a crisis, and execution of your plans. Do you have a declining bottom line? Too many problems on your plate? Is there an impending crisis that could cause irreparable damage to your organisation? This book advises on how to ensure the survival of your organisation with invaluable insights and customisable templates. For leaders of an organisation or aspiring executives, reading this book would probe you to think critically about what it takes for an organisation to persist through hardships.

Book Overview

This book is a step-by-step guide to help organisations perform a self-assessment and tackle crises head-on. We will dissect the different problems, ways to prioritise the problems amidst a crisis, and how to exercise financial control on behalf of your organisation.

We believe that in times like these, a crisis is inevitable, and the determining factor of how well a business can tackle a crisis lies in its preparation and the ability to grasp the situation to bring the organisation forward. We have put together a business guide to help business owners.

There is also a set of templates available for readers to use, which will aid in the planning and delegation for crisis management.

The book covers the following sections: 

  • Identifying the Crucial Problems with your OrganisationDuring the onset of a crisis, there could be a multitude of impacts on various functions of the organisation, which may paralyse it. This chapter highlights the steps to identify the most pressing issues and to anticipate future problems which may arise from a crisis. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by a massive pile of problems, this chapter will bring you how to divide and conquer, prioritising the urgent and vital issues.
  • Optimising your Organisation to be Prepared to Tackle any Crisis For any crisis, it is essential to have a strong foundation, which can help the organisation pull through the storm. This chapter advises organisations on the areas they should focus on when organisations are in different stages of a crisis, and highlights the importance of prioritising cash flow in times of difficulties.
  • Strategise your Company for Execution Better late than never. When a crisis hits an organisation, it should identify and optimise the processes critical to the organisation, and aim to maximise its returns on its typically most considerable expense - payroll. This chapter makes recommendations on how an organisation should deal with its different types of costs, and shows the instructions for making a weekly cash flow report.

Book Details

  • No. of Pages: 57
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: July 1, 2020
  • Author: BlackStorm Consulting (http://blackstormco.asia/our-team/)

Content Page

Executive Summary

Case Study

Framework - Identify

– Identify Current Problems
– Identify Future Problems
– Prioritising Problems

Framework - Prepare

– The Expenses
– The Cashflow

Framework - Execute

– The Process
– Managing the Expenses
– Managing Cash Flow

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  • This helps me to assist the companies that I work with especially those that do business outside of Taiwan that are being affected by unforeseeable situation of COVID-19.

    Terry Lin
    Executive Officer - Investment & Business Development, The Philippine Trade & Investment Center in Taipei
  • The Business Guide by BlackStorm Consulting is a great resource for those looking for a step-by-step process on how to take stock of where your organization is at and how to adapt to the changes. As a start-up founder, I find the templates useful and simple to execute.

    Priya Sengupta
    CEO & Founder, LifeVitae

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