Preparing Your Company for SEA Market

Treasure Trove Southeast Asia (SEA) has over 600 million people in its population, which is nearly twice that of the United States (US). Looking at how US built its economy...
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Innovation Hubs – The Next Craze

Model that Was Proven – Silicon Valley The success of Silicon Valley in San Francisco is famous globally. With tech giants like Google and Facebook carrying its banner, Silicon Valley...
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Tech Trends to Watch in Singapore

Mr. Heng Swee Kiat, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance of Singapore has mentioned early this year that Singapore has the potential to position itself as a global Asian...
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5 Essential Marketing Strategies for Startups

The lack of complete information has plagued the market since its inception, resulting in price discrepancies and unreached customers. The best product would not be sold without first educating consumers...
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How to be an Effective Project Manager?

What is Project Management? Project management is the usage of allocated resources, of all forms, to achieve specified goals within a finite timeline. Project management can be used to bring about...
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Using Financial Ratios to Analyse Businesses

Entrepreneurs are born from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, from engineers to designers to even homemakers. Naturally, many of them are not technically equipped to perform financial analysis on their...
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