Driving Business Growth Through Innovation with IOX Biz Hub

As we become increasingly connected through technology advancement, the internet is connecting people at a faster rate than ever before. Despite the virtually endless opportunities that internet brings about, the...
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BlackStorm Consulting to Bridge Hong Kong Based Companies to Southeast Asia in 2021

January 17, 2021: BlackStorm Consulting will venture into Hong Kong this year with the support of newly appointed partners, Mr Eddie Lin, and Mr Ryan Wong, to accelerate the growth...
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BlackStorm Consulting Partners Ticket2U to Assist Regional Clients in Digitising their Business

April 16, 2020: Ticket2U and BlackStorm Consulting announced their collaboration with the objective of providing guidance and support to the Malaysia SMEs during this crisis and assisting them in evolving to...
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Avoiding Fundraising Pitfalls

Fundraising is a repeated and often crucial component of a business’s life cycle. Companies need to raise money to develop products, marketing campaigns, scale operations, sometimes just for survival. Many...
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How can Companies Add Value through Innovation?

Importance of Innovation Just as Steve Jobs stated, “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Innovation can be defined as new ideas and creative thoughts in the form of...
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A Crisis Is Not a Good Reason For Inaction

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently declared the fast spreading COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, warning over ‘alarming levels of inaction’. As such, many countries are adversely affected – community spreading...
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Rules of Work You Should Not Ignore as An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is no less than art. The idea behind entrepreneurship is to establish a business organisation with certain objectives. There are no limits on entrepreneurship. You do not necessarily need...
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5 Bad Business Habits to Drop

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. All it takes is a chain of bad habits and decisions to cause a business to find itself in a pinch. Good habits create a...
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Scaling in Taiwan

The Republic of China (R.O.C, Taiwan) is one of the Four Asian Tigers that has developed economy rapidly. Its GDP (PPP) ranks 19th for GDP (PPP) per capita in 2018....
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Woman of Faith: Chiao-Chun Cheng

People may say that work and personal life should be kept separated but not for this lady. She enjoys her work as much as her personal life. Having faith in...
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Woman of Innovation: Rima McDonald

Rima McDonald is the founder of Veragano, an Italian luxury fashion brand that started in San Francisco on August 2019. With her dedication, she will share her entrepreneurial journey, from...
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Woman of Compassion: Jane Peh

Prior to starting her own business, she was in the advertising and media space for 5 years working as a suit. Jane Peh, Co-Founder of Pawjourr x The Woof Agency...
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How can Business Embrace Changes to Survive through COVID-19?

An unprecedented crisis. COVID-19 has hit the world hard, crippling many economies and disrupting everyday life. Many countries implemented lockdowns to contain the virus. Restrictive measures were taken and as...
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How Businesses Brace through Uncertainty in 2020

COVID-19, a pandemic that has startled the globe at the start of the new year. The rapid increase in the number of infected cases in many different countries has paralysed...
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COVID-19: Impacts on Businesses – Data Monitoring Enterprise

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions globally. This crisis is intensifying and evolving every now and then. At the current state, public healthcare systems of many countries are taking actions to...
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