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How to Systemise your Business — Course Highlights

“Having a review and control system set up helps to minimise and automate specific steps in business. We need to make sure that the system is scalable as the business grows.” — said Shelby Tee (Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting)

Having a review and control system set up helps to minimise and automate certain steps in business. Companies need to make sure that the system is scalable as the business grows, and a formalised framework needs to be in place to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

This course breaks it down into four parts:

  1. Analysing your business organisational structure.
  2. Why you should systemise your business.
  3. How to go about it.
  4. How to apply it to new market entry.

Before organisations begin systemising their business, it is important to identify your business’s organisational and leadership structures. This understanding will facilitate the establishment of the framework by laying down the responsibilities of each department.

Having identified your organisational structure, businesses can then identify the optimal way to systemise after learning its benefits. The advantages of business systemisation go even further by applying your market entry strategy to new markets.

In this course,

1. Understand the Purpose of Business Systems to Avoid Common Mistakes

Building a strong understanding of systems mapping will enable you to chart the elements and relationships that compose any system you’re dealing with and offer an unconventional insight into how it looks in space, how it behaves in time, and what it affects. In addition, understanding its purpose will better enable you to identify the pitfalls that business owners are susceptible to and learn how to avoid them.

2. Applying Organisational Management to Create Systems

Before beginning to systemise your business, identify the organisational and leadership structures within your business. This will act as the foundation to ensure your business is systemised optimally.

3. Learn to Use a Step-by-Step Process to Systemise your Business

Having a clear image of the system will allow you to create systems to support your company growth plan and reaffirm its control. Being guided by a step-by-step process will also offer an important communication tool, helping you collaborate and inform key stakeholders when building more sustainable systems.

4. Apply your System to your New Market Entry

Learn how to duplicate the various systems from your company headquarters to the office in the new market and the control you need to have in the HQ when creating a system for the new market.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to apply these methods to craft a formalised system for your business.

What is going to be covered

  • Learn the purpose of business systemisation
  • Identify the 5 stages of company growth
  • Understand your corporate structure
  • Create a system tailored to your organisation structure
  • Learn the common mistake of systemising your business
  • Apply your business system and identify the control for the new market

Learning Resources

  • (Slide) Courseware — How to Systemise your Business
  • (Excel) Worksheet — Activity 1: Company Growth Checklist
  • (Excel) Worksheet — Activity 2: Company Leadership Checklist
  • (Excel) Worksheet — Activity 3: Process Mapping
  • (Excel) Worksheet — Activity 4: Process Mapping Revised Plan (Delete, Defer, Automate, Delegate)

Suitable For

  • All business owners or entrepreneurs regardless of business size
  • Operations executives intending to upgrade their skills in management
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs or startup founders

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Introspect to identify the structure of organisation and leadership
  2. Learn the 5 stages of corporate growth and the purpose of systemisation
  3. Learn step-by-step on how to develop a formalised system tailored to your organisation using our framework
  4. Apply your business system to your market entry strategy

Gain a better understanding of your organisation and its leaders to develop the appropriate system for your business. Visit this link on Techgoondu Learn to enrol in this course today!

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