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Maximising the potential of an asset with diminishing returns
Case Study

Considering the nature of the animation film industry, not optimising the use of the intangible asset is detrimental to the business.  Handicapped by the reliance of the wrong business partner can shake the future of the company. We helped to identify the roots of the problem that distanced the company from its financial goals and created opportunities for the intangible asset.


Price wars could be inevitable in many cases to keep a company afloat. It’s very common for a company to be branded based on where they are located and often facing challenges launching in a new market. We helped out client to win a price war without eroding its brand equity through strategic restructuring the business model in the new market, leading to increasing brand value.

Keeping the company out of price war
Preparing for exit in the next few years

How will you exit the business? This is a familiar question for many when it comes to raising fund for the business. We helped to restructure and strategise the direction of the company to amplify the potential of the business, moving the company closer the ultimate exit.