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Not ready to have a full-time Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)? Would love fresh perspectives from someone who have done before?

Hire external CSO on a stealth basis to guide you and your team in this increasingly volatile economy.

Suitable for those who need support in:

Challenging your performance to a greater height

Familiarity is always comforting for most people. Being knee-deep in the industry can be a hindrance to driving your organisation to the full potential. We provide you fresh perspectives from people who are integrated in multiple industries to provide you direction on the next growth

Suitable for those who need support in:

Developing your business to stay ahead of the competition

Disruptions happen almost every day. Spotting the potential challenges, impact and opportunities are critical to the longevity of an organisation. We review your strategies on an ongoing basis to keep your organisation always ready for change.

Suitable for those who need support in:

Increasing strategic capabilities within the organisation

With the speed that the markets are moving these days, the company strategy can be built by micro-decisions by multiple people within the organisation. Increase the sense of ownership among your team members by getting a neutral party to facilitate the decision-making. We build that capability for you.

Case Study

Business Model Restructuring

Identify issues in third-party perspective

Strategic Planning

Strategise the tasks to achieve objectives

Creating Sustainable Growth

Improving the longevity of the company

Maximising the potential of an asset with diminishing returns


Company A is an animation production company that needed an interim Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) to investigate the falling profits and suspected brand dilution. Due to the nature of the business, the windows for opportunities are often limited to a couple of years. The uncertainty could potentially drag down the growth of the firm. The company needed support to strategically restructure the operations and redefine stakeholders to work with.


  1. Identified the core problem of the depleting growth that resulted in not meeting the expectation
  2. Co-strategised the business activities to extend the longevity of the intangible asset
  3. Co-planned the activities with selected partners for the execution of the plan
  4. Established partnerships to create additional revenue pipelines for the firm


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