Business Continuity Guide [Part 1]

VIDEO       SUMMARY In the event of this recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the World Health Organisation officially declared a pandemic, companies need to create and implement a...
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Business Continuity Guide [Part 2]

VIDEO       SUMMARY Remote working may seem like a dream come true for many employees who are tired of their morning commutes, but it does not come without...
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Business Continuity Guide [Part 3]

VIDEO     SUMMARY Now that we have addressed what managers should do, we shall move on to what you, as an employee, should do in times of a viral...
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Complimentary 60-min Consultation to Review your Business Situation


How can Business Embrace Changes to Survive through COVID-19?

An unprecedented crisis. COVID-19 has hit the world hard, crippling many economies and disrupting everyday life. Many countries implemented lockdowns to contain the virus. Restrictive measures were taken and as...
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How Businesses Brace through Uncertainty in 2020

COVID-19, a pandemic that has startled the globe at the start of the new year. The rapid increase in the number of infected cases in many different countries has paralysed...
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COVID-19: Impacts on Businesses – Data Monitoring Enterprise

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions globally. This crisis is intensifying and evolving every now and then. At the current state, public healthcare systems of many countries are taking actions to...
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An online panel discussion on building an agile company in order stay afloat in the midst of uncertainty Covered strategies on how entrepreneurs can adapt when the globalised economy has...
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